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The Stolen Q&A

Has any musician stolen your heart because of how talented, unique, or authentic they are? Well if they haven’t, then you should try listening to The Stolen. The Stolen is an alternative band currently opening for Jake Miller on the Back to The Start tour. The Stolen consists of Dom Cuce (vocals), Rob Chiarappa (guitarist and vocals), Mike Chiarappa (drums) and Kevin Smart (bassist). All of their songs are different from most artists which makes them unique and original. The Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to interview The Stolen before their Boston show at The Paradise Rock Club.

Q: How did the band originate?

A: It’s a really interesting story. Mike and I (Dom) and his brother (Rob). I moved from New York to New Jersey when I was three, I met them and we became best friends because at three years old you’re not going to venture around your neighborhood. So we would eat pancakes and hang out in each other’s house. Their dad was always in bands growing up so he got them involved and because I was there, he got me involved. We were a cover band from age 10 to until a little older. Around 7th grade we started making our own music. We started playing block parties and bars. We were like ten year olds playing classic rock covers. It was kind of funny. As we got older we were like “Oh, forget the cover thing, we want to write our own stuff, and tour.” We met Kevin in middle school and we’ve been making music ever since.

Q: What artists have inspired you?

 A: A lot. Like Mike was saying, classic rock, I mean we all grew up with our family. Our parents are all the same age and all grew up at the same time. So we all grew up playing our instruments to our favorite classic rock songs. That’s how it started. We kind of went through a pop/funk phase when we were younger. We loved Blink-182.  There’s been a lot of phases that we’ve been through musically.

 Q: What’s your favorite song that you’ve written together?

 A: Collectively probably “West Coast.” It feels the best live, usually the songs that feel the best live are the best ones. Typically, the crowd can’t get enough of West Coast. In the studio it sounds a bit more polished. If something sounds better live than in the studio, that’s probably one of your best songs.

 Q: What’s your favorite memory on tour?

 A: Dom: The shows itself are memories. We go out and play our music and it’s reaching new people every single day, which is ultimately the reason why we are on the road; to share our music with fans that have never heard of us before.

Kevin: We ended our first tour in the Atlanta area and it kind of smoothly transitioned to this tour, we are sharing a bus with Jake Miller. We were on our way to Los Angeles and our bus broke down. Not only was it in the middle of that time frame but it happened six miles from where we were staying in LA. So, we got stranded on the 101 in LA and we literally had to get four Ubers just to get everyone rounded up and I ended up rounding up all these Ubers. I got the Ubers, made sure everyone was cool and I was like “Yo, I’ll be right back. I’m going to go get my bags” and I walk out the bus and I look there’s no one there, they all just pulled away without me.

Q: Kevin, you’re the drummer for Jake Miller and the bassist in The Stolen. Is that challenging being in two bands?

 A: I’ve been in both bands for about the same amount of time, I started in The Stolen about two months before I started playing with Jake. The dynamic has been awesome, I kind of brought up this idea to Jake, I suggested that The Stolen’s new record would really workout with Jake’s new record and he was like all for it and super down for it. Like I said Jake has been super supportive.”

 Q: Have you guys thought about collaborating with Jake Miller?

 A: It can happen, I don’t think you can say something can or can’t happen, you just kind of have to vibe out the situation. You can’t just say “We’re never going to do that.” I think it would be cool, it would be a lot of fun, no doubt. Some nights we’ll just sit playing on guitars and write together. And you know, if Jake’s in the room, maybe we can write something.

Make sure you go listen to The Stolen’s new album, Fragile Heart and make sure you go check them out on tour if you can.



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