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Jake Miller Interview

Have you heard the “rumors?” It’s true, Jake Miller will be performing in Boston on Thursday, September 28th at the Paradise Rock Club as a part of his Back To The Start tour, promoting his first independent album titled by the same name. Miller was previously signed with Warner Bros Records until leaving to release music on his own. Miller is known for his songs “Overnight,” “Rumors,” “Ghost,” and “Good Thing.” The Suffolk Voice had the chance to ask Miller about his tour and what it was like to release his first independent album.

Q: What is different about 2:00AM in LA compared to your previous albums?

A: I wrote and produced the entire album from my bedroom. I recorded the vocals, played the instruments,  mixed, and mastered every song myself for the first time ever. I was extremely determined to learn how to do everything myself. I wanted to prove  that I didn’t need anyone else. So when the album went #1 on iTunes, it was the most gratifying feeling I’ve ever had.

Q: Was there anything challenging about creating this album since this was your first independent album?

A: I had to teach myself how to make my own beats since I’ve never done it before. I learned how to play piano and make beats starting in early 2017 and I already feel like a pro because of all the hours of practice I put in.

Q: What’s your favorite song that you’ve been performing on this tour?

A: “Palm Blvd” is my favorite song to perform. It’s got a little of everything. I sing and I shred on electric guitar during the live set. Also, the song means so much to me. It’s about always remembering where I come from.

Q: What’s your favorite part about performing in Boston?

A: Performing in Boston is always so much fun. The fans are always so passionate and dedicated. Once there were a few fans that camped out in front of the Boston House of Blues the night before the show, and we went to visit them. We sat on the sidewalk with them for an hour and just talked. Boston fans are amazing.

Q: What’s one thing that stands out on this tour versus Overnight Tour?

A: On the tour, we are putting together the best show that we have ever played. My band is the tightest it’s ever been and we love playing all the new songs. As well as all of the old songs of course.

Q: Do you have a ritual you do before you go out on stage each night?

A: My preshow ritual is usually just turn on some pump up music, get the adrenaline pumping with my boys, and maybe have a drink of Jameson.

There are still tickets available for his September 28th show at the Paradise Rock Club. You can find tickets on

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