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Scotty McCreery Q&A

Scotty McCreery Q&A

Back in 2011 every country fan loved him and to this day every country fan still does. Scotty McCreery, the 10th season winner of American Idol,  performed at the Country in the City Music Festival, hosted by Boston’s own Country 102.5, on Thursday, September 14th. . McCreery, known for his low voice and his famous audition, where he sang Josh Turner’s “Your Man,” went on to make hit songs like “See You Tonight,” which became his first song to reach the top ten on Billboard’s country charts. His latest single, “Five More Minutes,” has over 18 million streams. The Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to interview McCreery about his love for Boston and new music before his performance.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about performing in Boston?

A: I love the people, my father grew up forty five minutes north of here so we came down here a lot. I love the history here, we just ate at the oldest restaurant in Boston. I love the history, I love the sports team, I love the people so it kind of feels like home to me.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind “Five More Minutes?”

A: My Grandad was one inspiration but it was more about my life as a whole. I played baseball and football. It’s basically about my memories from high school and my grandad. I think everyone has those people in life that they wish they could have five more minutes with and go back to the good old days.

Q: Can we expect a full album soon?

A: I go back the studio on Monday (September 18th) to finish it up. “Five More Minutes” is probably the favorite on record, there’s a song called “In Between” that I wrote the same week as “Five More Minutes.” Those have kind of been the one-two punch for me. I wrote them back in 2015 and I loved them so I’m excited to finally get that one out as well.

Q: What are your thoughts of American Idol coming back?

A: It’s cool, I’ve always been a fan of the show even before I got the chance to be on it. I watched it my whole life growing up. Even when people started talking about it going down-hill, they were still pulling in seven million viewers a week so I think they’re doing fine. The finale we had, they made a big deal about it so I thought they would have stayed away a little longer than that, but you know one year away should be fun to see what changes are made.

Q: When you were writing your book Go Big or Go Home, did you find it challenging at all to write because of your young age or did you find it easy with all the experiences you’ve had so far?

A: I think it was challenging because I’m used to telling my stories in a three minute song so we’re typically trying to condense things. This book, they gave me like three hundred pages to tell my story. I think it would have been difficult if I tried to write an autobiography type thing but the mindset was just going in a writing like a travel log, telling them where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing and what you’ve learned from the perspective of a 22-23 year old guy that had to grow up really quick in the public eye.

Q: What’s one thing you wish you had “Five Minutes More” to do?

A: I’d say right now, probably baseball. That was something for me, as it is for a lot of kids growing up. I had practice a couple nights a week, I had games during the week, I had travel ball games on the weekends. It was probably at least five days a week that I dedicated my time to and all of a sudden, the last game comes and it’s over. I probably spent 10-15 years playing baseball and it’s done. That’s definitely something I’d like to have five more minutes of.


Make sure you check out McCreery’s song “Five More Minutes” out now and take a read of his inspirational book “Go Big or Go Home.”

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  • Lynne Smejkal

    Hey Scotty! I loved seeing you again, this time in Point Pleasant, NJ. Not sure if you saw me but I was sitting towards the back and as always I was hooping it up and wearing my purple “Grandmas for Scotty” T shirt. Every time I wear it I get asked if I am your grandmother! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi this time. Keep up the good work and get that new album out! Lynne (one of your oldest fans).


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