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New Hope Club Q&A

How many British boy bands can you name? The Beatles, One Direction, The Wanted, The Vamps and of course The Rolling Stones. There are so many talented British boy bands and for good reason, they are all talented, including a new British boy band called New Hope Club. New Hope Club is a British pop trio that formed in 2015. The Band consists of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith. Their debut EP, Welcome to the Club, was release on May 5th, 2017. The band stands out from other bands because they play instruments compared to other bands from Britain like One Direction who just sings. Their current single “Fixed,” is a love song about being in love with someone and the person makes you a better person, someone who makes you “fixed.” New Hope Club is currently on tour with Sabrina Carpenter as well as Alex Aiono on the De-Tour and they will be touring with The Vamps in the fall of 2017 in Australia. Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to interview the band before their Boston show on August 20th 2017.

Q: How did the band form and how did the name “New Hope Club” come to be?

A: George; “Basically I was posting covers on You Tube and playing gigs near where I lived, my potential manager got in touch with me and he said he was interested in making a band, I played with a few people but we didn’t get along that well. I saw a video of Blake playing a song in the cabinet on his own and it was really high energy and it was really cool.” Blake; “The manager got in contact with me as well and then me and George sort of tried out together and we just connected well and we started off as friends then we started writing songs together for a few months. Then Reece came off of X Factor and we liked Reece because he played an instrument and looked good so we asked if we could spend a weekend together and it was a really fun weekend. We wrote some songs and we just really connected because we had some similar interests in music.”

Q: What was it like writing your very first song together as a group?

A: Reece; “It actually didn’t turn out to be the best song ever. We spent all day writing it and when you write with someone you don’t really know it’s quite difficult because obviously you don’t know each other so you don’t to point something out that might be embarrassing. Now obviously we are comfortable with each other because we have spent like the last one and a half years together. We wrote this song called “Perfume,” which is a fan favorite song that we played on The Vamps tour.”

Q: How did you meet The Vamps?

A: Reece; “We actually have the same management so The Vamps watched us and liked us a lot and we had the opportunity to go on tour with them. After this tour we are going to go on a world tour with them all around the world to amazing places like South America and Australia.”

Q: What musicians inspire your music?

A:  George; “A lot of Ed Sheeran’s new stuff as well as a few English bands like Catfish and Bottlemen who we’ve gone to seen live.” Blake; “We’ve all grew up with similar music tastes like The Beatles just like bands who write their own music and play instruments, we’re all really into that. That’s the music we listen to, that’s the music we all like to see live and that’s the music we love to write and give our fans.”

Q: You performed on  the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, what was that like?

A: Reece; “It was very nervewracking, we’ve not really done really much live TV as a band so it was scary to do a live event and obviously all the famous people were there but it was a really cool experience.” Blake; “we it was really cool because I’ve always wanted to go down into the crowd and there were actually steps down so I went down and got dragged around but it was a lot of fun.”

Q: This is your first EP, is this going to inspire your new album?

A: Reece; “We are always writing songs and I think the EP took a while to come together like we wrote some of it the US and some of it in the UK. At first we were kind of trying to put our personal experiences in their because we weren’t a big band, we are still growing now but we were trying to influence our music. It took us a while to find the right sound. We are always writing in our own style while trying to keep it with instruments and trying to keep it ours and real. I think a lot of music is programmed. Like having Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles it has a lot of real instruments in them and we are happy about that and we are going to try to bring that as well.

Q: Being from the UK, what is one thing you miss the most while touring in America?

A: George; “We like Nandos, that’s basically our diet while we are in the UK. We only had one while touring in North America which was in Vancouver.” Reece; “As well as Nandos we also miss our family.”

Q: Next week you’re performing at Arthur’s Ashe Kids Day at the US Open, what does it mean to you guys that you’re already being recognized by major events in the US?

A: Blake; “Well obviously there have been a lot of amazing people that played that show and it’s a great cause, so to be asked to play is one of the most amazing things. Hopefully the people that have come most successful after playing that Arthur Ashe help us follow in the foot steps of them.”

Q: What has it been like touring with Sabrina and Alex and have you guys performed on stage together?

A: “Not really” George; “We walked on during soundcheck.” Reece; “We’ve done covers with Sabrina, we have been on two tours now with Sabrina so we know her quite well.” Blake; “We hang out with her quite a lot, like after one show we hung around and went down to the basement and we just sat down in pitch black going “hmmmmmmm” waiting for ghosts to come out.”

Q: What has been the most memorable moment on this tour?

A: Blake; “For me it was in Cleveland, when we played Sign of the Times, we asked the lights to go up and literally everyone took out their phones and put on their flash lights and I just couldn’t stop smiling it was just one of the most incredible moments.” Reece; “I think for me, I remember the bad moments because all the shows are just so good and if one show you have like a bad show that always just sticks out to me. Like their was one moment where Blake pulled out his lead of his mic, like stuff that just goes wrong that’s the stuff I remember. George; “I think mine was during our first song, we’ve never had like people jump to it before and I think it was the other night it was a standing crowd and people started jumping to the chorus and the was pretty cool.”

New Hope Club will be opening for Sabrina Carpenter the rest of the De-Tour and will be touring with The Vamps this fall. Make sure you tune in this Saturday, August 26th to see them play at the Arthur’s Ashe Kids Day and make sure you listen to their debut EP, Welcome to the Club, on iTunes now.

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