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Emoji Movie

Do you use Emoji’s all the time texting? The heart face for #mcm on Instagram every Monday for man crush Monday or the laughing face for a good joke? If you’re a big emoji user you might know the new movie called Emoji Movie. The Emoji Movie is about an emoji named Gene (T.J. Miller) who lives in the city of Textopolis. Textopolis is the city that is located inside the phone of Alex (Jake T Austin) who is the user of the emoji’s. Gene is attempting to show that he can show more than one emotion, which is just the meh emotion for now, but he is trying to prove his parents wrong by showing them that he can emote more. Alex is trying to impress a girl and Gene is selected which causes him to be nervous and emotes the wrong emotion causing the text conversation to go wrong. Because of this Alex takes his phone to the store to get it fixed and the workers tell Alex to erase his phone to help fix it. Gene is determined to make sure his phone doesn’t get erased so he can show that he emotes.

Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to interview one of the stars of the movie, Jake T Austin, about his role in the film and what some of his favorite emoji’s are.

Q: What does it mean to you to be apart of the Emoji Movie?

A: It’s great to be apart of it and I’m really lucky that I was asked to be apart of it. I think emoji’s have changed the way we do communicate. For my character, he can’t express himself without using his smartphone and without using emoji’s so they are very important, especially to my character.

Q: Your character relies on his phone a lot, would you say you use your phone just as much?

A: I would say I use my phone a lot, not as much as Alex, he’s definitely more dependent on his phone than I am but I still use it enough where sometimes I say to myself that I shouldn’t be on my phone.

Q: What are the top three emoji’s you use?

A: The top three emoji’s I use are the monkey emoji, the wink tongue out emoji, and the laughing emoji.

Q: If others were to describe you using emoji’s what would they be?

A: If others were to describe me using emoji’s, I don’t know, that would be a difficult one.

Q; Do any of your contacts have emoji’s next to their names?

A: Yes, for my girlfriend, my sister, my mom, they have emoji’s that I put next to their names.

Q: If you were to create one emoji, what would it be and why?

A: If I could create one emoji, I think it would be a swimming pool, I think there’s only a swimmer, but I would make something with a diving board or jumping into a pool.

Q: What is the message behind this movie from the movie’s point of view and from your characters point of view?

A: From my character’s point of view, the message is to be yourself, and to be original and that it’s ok to not fit in and it’s ok to be different. From the movie’s point of view, it’s the same, it’s ok to be yourself and sometimes being yourself is the only thing you can be.

The Emoji Movie will make you feel many positive emotions on July 28th 2017 in theaters everywhere.

“There’s something in this movie for everybody, for young, for old, for all audiences. There’s a lot of humor, a lot of adventure, there’s definitely something in it for everyone.” -Jake T Austin

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