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Daniel Skye Q&A

You may know Daniel Skye from a popular group called “Magcon.” Skye is currently signed with RCA Records and at only age seventeen Skye has achieved many goals. Skye’s song “All I Want,” has been viewed more than twenty-two million times on You Tube and has been streamed over fourteen million times on Spotify. Skye is currently on tour and he performed in Boston on June 28th at Brighton Music Hall. Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to sit down with Skye and ask him a few questions about his tour.

Daniel Skye performing at Brighton Music Hall on June 27th in Boston MA

Daniel Skye performing at Brighton Music Hall on June 27th in Boston MA


Q: How do you manage to have a normal life and be in the spotlight at such a young age?

A: First of all, normal kids go to school, I went to school until I was in 9th grade and now I do homeschool so it’s a lot different. I have a tutor come by the house every day, we would learn for hours all the important subjects and it was a lot different going to school, that’s a big difference. Second, being in the spotlight, I just stay grounded, keep my head on my shoulders, I don’t ever veer off the right path and you always have to listen to your family, because your family is who cares about you, they’ll love you unconditionally and they’ll always tell you the right thing to do.


Q: What was it like performing at the “Kiss the Summer Hello” concert in Buffalo? Also, did you talk to any of the other artists and are there any possible collaborations?

A: That show I had to leave right after. It was a crazy performance though, there were tons of people, thousands. I got on stage and it was my birthday that night so the entire crowd sang me happy birthday and it was incredible and a surreal experience.


Q: Why did you decide to post covers on Instagram instead of You Tube or Vine?

A: Everyone was doing Vine and You Tube at the time so I wanted to be different and Instagram just started the video feature, the 15 second video feature so I decided to take that route and posting 15 second video covers and it ended up working out.


Q: Growing up in today’s generation there are many more ways to become discovered. Do you think that makes it easier to be discovered or do you think it makes it more competitive?

A: I feel like you could say it’s a blessing and a curse because it’s a lot more saturated a lot more crowded but I think if you stand out and you’re different you’ll be discovered.


Q: What’s your favorite part about touring?

A: I love being on stage and performing the music that I created and seeing my fans and I also love meeting my fans.


Q: What’s your favorite song to perform?

A: “As Good as It Gets,” I remember making that song and it’s one of my favorite songs that I ever written, it still is and I love bringing to the stage to sing with my fans.


Q: What was it like to be on tour with Bebe Rexha?

A: It was awesome, she is a super good performer.


Q: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

A: I would have to say The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.


Q: Are you planning to your Europe at all?

A: Yes, I definitely want to go to Europe soon.


Q: For people who don’t know you or are just joining the fan base, what would say to them to get them to share your music?

A: I think the music speaks for itself, come join the Skye fam, it’s a family.


Daniel Skye still has shows left in Detroit Michigan on July 1st at the Shelter, Chicago Illinois at Lincoln Hall on July 2nd, and Orland Florida at The Social on July 6th. Skye is a must see, his music is very energetic and he is someone you should put on your list to see.

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