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The YRS are an upcoming new R&B band that are currently touring with Austin Mahone on the A Tour For Me+You tour as the opening act. Their energy on stage will have you wishing you drank coffee so you could be that energetic. Their talent will bring you to tears, and once their new song “Body” comes out this year you will have it on repeat all day. The YRS signed with Cash Money Records and they are based in Atlanta. The band members are Jay Jacobs, Dominic Bellizzi, Kyle Roberts, Nate Harlan and Taylor Makohoniuk. They are a band to keep an eye on because once they become known they will be the next popular band with fans screaming “YRS!!” for encores at every show. Suffolk Voice had the opportunity to sit down with The YRS for an interview about how they met and why they named the band “The YRS.”

 Q: How did the band form?

A: It started with the internet Ray and I (Jay) we found all these guys on you tube and vine, we searched through the web and watched hundreds and hundreds of videos until we found these guys. Two of them were on you tube and two of them were on vine.

Q: Why the name “YRS?”

A: It took us a while trying to find good names. We just started writing names on the board, figuring out different words and what would sound best together and finally after a couple months we came up with Young Reckless Saints and we were like wow that’s really good it sounds like that fits all of us individually and together. It’s a name we all agreed on. We are young and we are reckless but at the same time we are still saints at the same time.

Q: Who takes the longest to get ready?

A: Kyle

Q: What’s the most fun song to perform?

A: Either “Party All the Time,” or “Turn You Up,” “Turn You Up” is nuts. Every song is fun, the most fun, “Classic” is good because it gets all the girls going crazy, “Party All the Time” we get to just jump and “Party All the Time.” That’s a hard choice, the whole show is fun.

Q: How long have you known Austin for?

A: Eleven days

Q: What’s been the best memory on this tour?

A: The fan reaction to everything we’ve done has honestly been the best part. Just seeing how they react to our music and having fun. We’ve been working hard for the past two years, putting the music together, putting the steps together and we’ve been performing people who just sit with their arms crossed so getting to perform for a real crowd has been so rewarding. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, it’s just crazy.

Q: Have there been any fun tour bus ride incidents?

A: We wrecked our first tour bus, we’re on our second bus and we wrecked that one today. That was no wreck that was a scrape (bus driver). We’ve had fun on the bus, the bus is amazing, Phil (the bus driver), needs his own TV show.

Q: Will you guys and Austin collaborate?

A: That would be crazy, that would be awesome. We have a song that we did, “Love at Night,” we recorded that first so that’s crazy that’s he performing it on this tour, maybe on the last show we’ll go out with him to perform, that would be crazy.

Q: What’s the hardest part about songwriting?

A: Having different vibes, different creative vibes, trying to come together at the same time. Most of the time when we do write like some of us will write melody and some of us will write words. We have one creative leader and so depending on the song, depending what the vibe is we will choose one person to take the lead. We have to be patient and work well with ideas. We have to work together and take criticism positively, because if he sings something and that’s wack he can’t be mad about it, or vice versa, we just have to work together.

Q: Would you ever date a fan?

A: Absolutely, depends on the fan.

Q: Are you ever going to get frames for your furniture?

A: Wow we thought that was a secret, we really hope so. We just have mattresses on the floor, two-bedroom apartment right now so if we aren’t on the bus we’re on the floor. At least sleeping on the bus we have bed frames which is nice. The bus is the nicest we’ve had, it’s crazy.

Q: What is the story behind the tattoo of the fans name?

A: It was just on the spot, this was our first tour and fifth show, she surprised us honestly. No one expected to get a tattoo of The YRS, it’s a line in one of our songs it says, “Get a tatt with YRS,” and she came up and basically said she wanted to get the tattoo but she didn’t have the money so our manager took her and all of us to the tattoo shop a couple blocks away and she just did it. She was that passionate about what we do. Shout out to Jenna.

The YRS still have shows left on the tour. They are performing in Detroit Michigan on June 15th at The Magic Stick, Chicago Illinois on June 21st at Park West, Boise Idaho on June 24th at the Boise Music Festival, Seattle Washington on June 25th at Neumos, Portland Oregon on June 26th at the Hawthorne Theatre, San Francisco California on June 28th at the Social Hall SF, and Hollywood California on June 29th at Fonda. Make sure you catch The YRS opening for Austin Mahone because they are a must-see act.

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