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Cars 3 Movie Review

It has been six years since the second installment of Cars was in theatres. Finally, the long-anticipated wait is over as Cars 3 is driving into theaters on June 16th 2017. Cars 3 is about new types of cars which are taking over the racing world, forcing the old racing cars into retirement. One new car, Jackson Storm, voiced by Arrnie Hammer, is a new car that is faster, more efficient and drives more steadily. The new car is a threat; however, Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, isn’t giving up on racing yet. Four months after an awful accident that McQueen was in, the old car goes into training with a new trainer named Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cristela Alonzo. With the help of Ramirez and of course help from a few classic friends, like Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, and Sally, voiced by Bonnie Hunt, McQueen plans to out race Jackson Storm and show the new cars that old cars aren’t out of style and can compete in the race.

Cars 3 is another classic Pixar film ideal for the family entertainment. It inspires older generation to not give up just because the younger generation might be more agile.. We observe in the movie that the older generation does have wisdom and advice to share with the younger generation as well. Cars 3 also goes into more detail about the racing days of the car character, Doc Hudson, who is voiced by the late Paul Newman.We finally meet Hudson’s old trainer, Smokey, voiced by Chris Cooper. Cooper also helps the younger character, McQueen by giving him advice and tips on what the former racing star, Hudson use to do. Cars 3 is a movie you should drive to right now and see. It will be one of the movies of the summer to see.

Another classic part of Pixar films is the Pixar short that plays before the movie begins. Lou is the Pixar short for Cars 3. It is about a creative character that cleans up items, such as bags and toys that the students leave when they go back into school following their recess. One time this happens the object that cleans up the toys sees a bully taking many items from the children. The object then takes the bag of stolen items from the bully and demands that the bully give the items back to the kids. Lou is a cute, important short film that shows us that small acts of kindness do help people become happier. Overall the movie is a must-see movie of the summer.

Cars 3 will be parked in theaters on June 16th 2017.

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