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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the exact thing we need during these strange times in our world. Wonder Woman is about a Princess named Diana, portrayed by Gal Gadot, who as a young girl dreams about becoming one of the amazons, the protectors of the world. However, Diana’s mom, Queen Hippolyta, portrayed by Connie Nielsen, doesn’t want Diana to become an amazon because the stronger she gets the more she will realize that she is Wonder Woman and Ares, the villain of the movie portrayed by David Thewlis, will find her. As Diana grows older she starts to train with her aunt, Antiope, who is portrayed by Robin Wright. Antiope is the sister of Hippolyta and is the head of the amazons. As they are training Diana gets distracted which causes Antiope to take advantage and take Diana down causing Diana to block herself and release a powerful blast that sends everyone back. This makes Diana realize who she is. Diana goes to the water to clear her mind where she sees a plane crash in the distance. She dives into the water to save the man who ends up being Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, who is a British Spy in the film. The amazons take him into custody to get answers on how he found the island they are on and where he came from. From Steve, they learn about the war causing Diana to become Wonder Woman by taking action and going to fight and take down Ares once and for all. Along side Steve Trevor and a few others they fight countless battles.

Overall Wonder Woman is a wonder of worlds. The action and accuracy of every fight scene keeps your eyes wide open and makes you grab a fistful of popcorn every second. The movie also has some comedic lines in the movie making the audience laugh throughout. The movie reminded me a little bit of Captain America The First Avenger, because it’s about saving the world from a war around the same time. That being said, there are still a lot of differences between the two movies as well. Wonder Woman has action, comedy, romance and reasons to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2nd 2017.

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