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Knox Hamilton and Fenech Soler Concert Review

The Middle East; you never know what to expect with the musical artists they book. Sunday night brought an average crowd of millennials with pink wrist bands and Sam Adams beer in their hands to see. Fenech Soler with opener Knox Hamilton were set to play the Middle East Upstairs. The crowd was ready for a concert that would start their work week right.

The retro-rock band Knox Hamilton took the stage first. A small band from Little Rock, Arkansas started the show with “Back Porch.” The band seemed to take the crowd to rock n’ roll California. It was a twisted summertime as lead singer Boots Copeland strummed on the guitar, which caused him to break a string. It didn’t stop him though as he continued through songs “Call Me Up” and “We Get Back.” Copeland finally introduced the band. “Hey Boston, Cambridge, you know what you are, thanks for having us tonight,” said Copeland while fixing his green beanie. “This is the first time we’ve played Boston with a full length album.” Copeland was referring to their new album that came out in March The Heights. The band then fixed their instruments and played the self-titled song. It was a slow tune, which gave the band a break. “We were on Newbury Street today. Wait, how do you say Newbury? With an accent right?” Copeland gave the crowd a laugh, but an even more of a laugh when he almost said “Thanks Dallas” instead of Boston. “I’m from Dallas, that’s why. Sorry!” The band transitioned to “Barely Missed You” and ode to ex lovers. The lights seemed to flow with every beat of the song. “How’s Your Mind” was up next. “This is a dope song. Do kids even say dope anymore?” Yes and no’s came from the crowd. “Okay so the old people say yes, but the millennials are like no way.” The powerhouse “Sight For Sore Eyes” had the crowd clapping to the beat. The band was in their zone, which was great, until Copeland fell onto the drum set, causing beer and symbols to go flying everywhere. The band laughed it off and kept going. “Well that’s the first time I’ve fell on symbols.” Knox Hamilton finished up their beachy set with “Work It Out” (a crowd favorite) and “Washed Up Together.” “Thanks Boston, for everything,” said Copeland with a grin. “We’ll see you soon.”

Fenech Soler was up next. The electro-pop duo of brothers Ross and Ben Duffy hopped up on stage wearing studded and fringed jackets and started their song “Night Time TV.” It was true trance club music. The crowd had entered their peak drunkenness, which prompted them to dance easily to the beat. “On Top” had a pop French beat to it. “Hey Boston, we’re Fenech Soler, a small band from Northamptonshire,” said lead singer Ben Duffy. “We’re a long way from home so thank you for spending your Sunday night with us.” “Kaleidoscope” was up next, which had the crowd singing along as the spotlights bounced off them. The song is off of their newest album Zilla which is a promise to their electric beat. A cover was up next which caught the crowd by surprise. “This is for all you Janet Jackson fans,” said Duffy as the opening to “Control” sounded through the venue. The band even decided to play some of their old songs from their 2014 album Rituals which included “Demons,” “Stop and Stare,” and “Somebody.” Their music was a mixture of songs that one could dance in the club and listen to on quiet night alone. The band ended their set with “In Our Blood;” a fade out to perfectly end a Sunday.

The band had no encore however. Throughout both sets, Knox Hamilton and Fenech Soler had technical difficulties, causing frustration, which was apparent on their faces. However, that didn’t stop both bands from singing and dancing with the crowd of Bostonians. Knox Hamilton and Fenech Soler are bands to look out for in the near future.

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