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The overflow of Berklee students entered The Red Room at Cafe 939 on Friday night to hear the magical sounds of small indie bands Yoke Lore and Overcoats. The stage was set in the small venue and thus began a night filled with sing along and dancing.

The show started promptly at 8PM; Yoke Lore took the small stage. The Brooklyn band started off with no intro but flowed into their song “Safety,” which is off of their EP Far Shore. Their sounds is a mixture of modern pop and old folk. Adrian Galvin, lead singer of the band seemed immersed within the music while the purple and blue lights bounced off his guitar. Galvin then introduced himself to the crowd. “Hey Boston, thanks for coming out tonight, we’re Yoke Lore,” Galvin said as his high pitched voice boomed into the microphone. He became extremely enthusiastic sharing that their new song “World’s Wings” had just come out with a music video that day of the show. He then graced the crowd with the song, which brought the crowd to a place of trance, specifically a trance in the Grand Canyon, which Galvin expressed many times due to the echoing of the beat. Then came the crowd favorite “Hold Me Down.” “This isn’t a love song, but a song of resilience, that you are the only person who can get you out of a bad situation, a bad relationship.” Claps erupted from the crowd and the guitar riffs started the song. “Hold Me Down” had a vibe of self determination to it; a song you could listen to anytime, anywhere. Galvin seemed into it to, swaying his body back and forth. Galvin then switched gears to his next song “Only You.” “Okay, okay, this is actually a love song, not specifically based on romantic partners, but there are certain people in your life who are the only ones who can keep you grounded.” The green and white hues seemed to perfectly end his set. “Thank you, thank you, Boston.”

The crowd seemed to become close knit when the all female duo Overcoats took the stage. The two goddesses dressed in white stood on the stage and stared at the crowd with blank stares as their song “The Fog.” The group was jumping up and down, then came a pause. “The future is intersectional feminism,” says JJ, the lead singer of the group. The crowd went crazy, being that this is liberal Boston. “Hey Boston, thanks for coming out tonight, we’re Overcoats, I’m JJ and this is Hannah.” Their new album Young came out the week before, which they were extremely grateful for. They lead into their song “Smaller Than My Mother;” which had the crowd vibing to the echo of the beat. The two women danced around the stage as if they were creating a spell over the crowd. Their songs seemed to end when the crowd would least expect it, halting the claps and cheers. The band transitioned into their song “Siren” which JJ expressed was about her and Hannah’s female friendship. “Women should empower each other, not bring them down. Female friendship is important in today’s society.” “23” and “Little Memory” brought the house down to a quiet trance with their subtle sounds. Overcoats surprised listeners with a cover of Hozier’s “Cherry Wine;” it was beautiful, couples became closer, even singles were in love. However, the band was back up to the beat with “Leave The Light On,” a crowd favorite. Berklee students and their friends jumped up and down with the highest spirits. JJ and Hannah left the stage briefly, but an encore was due. “This is for my brother Noah, this is Kai’s song,” said JJ, as a smile came across her face and the lights jumped off the crowd.

Yoke Lore and Overcoats created a beautiful Friday night at Cafe 939. Both fairly new indie artists, many wouldn’t expect much. This was different, Yoke Lore and Overcoats brought their best to that stage on Friday night. And with that the night ended with the crowd filling out, energy filled to continue on.

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