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Free Fire Movie Review


Free Fire is a perfectly balanced mix of comedy and action that brings the audience right into the center of a shoot out between two gangs who meet up in a deserted warehouse for some gun-related business. As soon as issues arise between several members of the different gangs, it is only a matter of few minutes until the two groups begin their fight for survival.

What makes Free Fire different from other action movies filled with guns, explosions, and violence? The movie director, Ben Wheatley, said he aimed for “something that was on a smaller scale, so that the audience could relate to the action more”. Instead of focusing on images that are “too abstract”, Wheatley focused on making something the audience would find more realistic, something that was “on a human scale”.

What about the comedy part in Free Fire? Well, with human nature comes humor, another element Wheatley successfully put into the movie. “In every film I have made, the characters have sense of humor, which I think is missing in many movies,” said Wheatley, “characters with no humor don’t really stick to me. People sometimes crack jokes even in harsh situations, otherwise it would just be unbearable.” Free Fire is filled with jokes, sarcastic remarks from the characters, and other hilarious elements that help the audience relax and laugh a little before another intense scene comes on.

The brilliant and unique characters in the film are another significant aspect that makes the movie worth watching. Every character brings something special to the movie and every character plays an essential part. It is impossible to say which one is the protagonist and which one the antagonist, as each and every character can be classified as the main one. Wheatley said that by doing so he wanted to “make all the smaller characters likeable and knowable to a degree, in order to give them humanity and give the whole film some kind of empathy.” It is only a bonus to mention that those roles are played by numerous great and talented actors including Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and the Academy Award Winner, Brie Larson.

Free Fire is definitely made for everyone who loves to laugh but can also handle some stomach-twisting moments.

Free Fire comes out in theaters on April 21st.

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