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SGA Award Nominations Announced

The annual Student Government Association awards are around the corner once again! The Suffolk community nominated individuals, organizations, and departments to be recognized on April 11th for their contributions to the university. Each category’s nominees were announced last week, after being narrowed down by the nominations committee.

“The nominations committee, made up of a small group of diverse individuals, narrows the nominees down based on the quality of their nominations,” said Brianna Silva, SGA Secretary. “All club presidents are invited to take part in the final voting for the recipient of the award.”

This year, the Las Vegas-themed awards night will be held in the Sargent Hall Function Room. There will be black jack and roulette dealers in the reception before the awards. The night will be hosted by Sam Witts and Laurel Gozzo of Seriously Bent, Suffolk’s improv group.

“Expect a lot of flash,” said Silva.

Other events include a performance by Rebecca Zama from Soulfully Versed and the ceremonial “passing of the gavel” to the incoming SGA president. Former Dean Nancy C. Stoll will also make an appearance to present the lifetime achievement award named after her: The Dr. Nancy C. Stoll Award for Commitment to Student Life.

While there are no new award categories this year, they did combine the “Outstanding…” awards for CAS and NESAD, since NESAD is a part of the college.

The nominations for the 2017 SGA Awards are as follows:

Outstanding Senior of the Year

  • Mayra Morales
  • Omar Hernandez
  • Emma O’Feathers

Outstanding Junior of the Year

  • Melissa Guirand
  • Alexa Gagosz
  • Brianna Boidi

Outstanding Sophomore of the Year

  • Daniel Hurley
  • Jennifer Morasca
  • Laurel Gozzo

Outstanding Freshman of the Year

  • Alexia Baugniet
  • Carly Dutra
  • Haley Clegg

Outstanding Transfer Student of the Year

  • Chris DeGusto
  • Dinh Nguyen Phuong Hoa (Chloe)
  • Erin Pierce

Outstanding International Student of the Year

  • Piseth Tann
  • Hamza Hammad
  • Khoi Pham

Outstanding Administrator of the Year

  • Sebastian Royo
  • Elizabeth Ching-Bush
  • Yvette Velez

Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year (CAS)

  • Jodi Nevola
  • David Reeder
  • Mary Flaherty

Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year (SBS)

  • Chak Fu Lam
  • Dominic Thomas
  • Robert Smith

Outstanding Student Organization of the Year

  • Best Buddies
  • Seriously Bent
  • Suffolk University Model UN

Outstanding New Student Organization of the Year

  • RamCam
  • Soulfully Versed

Most Improved Student Organization of the Year

  • Suffolk Free Radio
  • Suffolk University Hispanic Association
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year

  • Kelsey Schiebel
  • Sydney Littlefield
  • Emily Manfra
  • Alex Nagri

Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year

  • Jarrett Davis
  • Brett Lawson
  • Jim Jheme
  • Michael Hagopian

Outstanding Coach of the Year

  • Cary McConnell
  • James Boden
  • Edward Leyden

Unsung Hero – Faculty or Staff

  • Alina Choo
  • Timothy Albers
  • Brian Morrissey

Unsung Hero – Student

  • Stacy Daniel
  • Josh Cronin
  • Suzanne Gammer

Campus Sponsored Program of the Year

  • SLI – Plaza Palooza
  • Diversity Services – Freezing Out Racism
  • BSU – Shaun King

Student Organization Sponsored Program of the Year

  • Greek Council – Pie a Greek
  • Program Council – Groove Boston
  • BSU – Black & White Affair

Outstanding Grad Fellow of the Year

  • Elainy Mata
  • Yamileh Dure
  • Meron Girmaiy

Outstanding Student of the Year (CAS)

  • Janice Bautista
  • Courtney Colaluca
  • Abigail Shobajo

Outstanding Student of the Year (SBS)

  • Marlee Melvin
  • Christina Rampone
  • Tyler La

Exemplary Leadership Award

  • Jessica DiLorenzo
  • Sheikh Nasher
  • Tiffany Martinez

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