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James Maslow Q&A

Remember Big Time Rush? You know, that band from the hit television show Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon, well James Maslow, one of the former band members, just released his first solo album title How I Like It. James Maslow also just finished his first solo tour in London on March 23rd, 2017. Don’t worry American fans, James Maslow told me that he plans to tour America. I had the opportunity to sit down with Maslow and ask him a few questions about the tour and his new album.

Q: What’s the main inspiration behind your new album?

A: “It’s mostly about experiences that I’ve had in the past couple of years. I mean there are some things that go back to childhood, but it’s kind of just different vantage points, whether it be somebody that I dated for a long time, a girl that I met one night, or a buddy of mine. It’s not all blatant, there’s a lot of soddenly in there. It’s mostly about experiences and me being a young man figuring out who I am and what I want to talk about and sound like, that inspired the album.

Q: Since this is your first solo album, how is it different recording a solo album VS a band album?

A: “I mean it’s quite different. The most obvious part is that 100% of it was on my shoulders, which initially went from being scary and I was like shit, what do I do? How do I accomplish this? To being so rewarding, now that I have actually written and produced twelve songs and now that I’m on stage seeing people sing these lyrics back and enjoy these songs that I just didn’t know how people were going to react to. The reaction so far has been exceptional and you know it’s great and it’s obviously stuff I get to do and the music that I exactly want to do, where as before, as fun as it was, you couldn’t possibly do the music you want with four people, and the label and the network.”

Q: What does it mean to see so many fans come in a different country to watch you perform?

A: “It’s pretty surreal, especially the countries that I’ve never been to before. In Italy, we had a sold out show with 500 people packed in this little club and I’ve never been to Italy. To see support in places that I didn’t even know that I had support in was really really cool. We will see what’s next, this is really the first promo run so it’s really just the beginning.”

Q: Are there any plans to tour America?

A: Yes, we’re looking at potentially partnering up on a much larger tour this summer, got some cool options. The whole European initial step was a strategy that we changed last minute. We were going to build the story internationally first and then wait on the states, we waited a whole audible 48 hours before the release and decided to release it worldwide and I am so glad we did because the album premiered as number two in the United States for pre-order and on billboard it hit number 36 overall on the pop chart, so that’s exceptional, with zero promo. So now we are changing our whole strategy, so we most likely will be playing the States, maybe Latin America, and eventually come back here.”

Q: What’s your favorite song off of the album and why and what is the meaning behind it?

A: “It’s tough to pick a favorite, it’s been really fun to play Fairy Tale, and it’s just up beat. This tour I’ve been playing it second, so I am just trying to get people dancing and clapping and singing along right away. That’s actually one of the more positive tracks on the album, where it’s about being with someone you just can’t believe you’re with, it’s like being in a “Fairy Tale,” and you know it gets a little bit more mature, sexier and I’ve been sleeping with a fairy tale. The whole idea is that it’s somewhat romantic, like you’re with someone and you’re like holy shit why is this person with me? I’ve been there before, I’m not there now because I am quite single, but it’s a fun one.”

Q: Are you still in touch with any of the other Big Time Rush members?

A: “Yes, I mean we spent so many years together, it would be strange if we just never spoke again. I mean day in day out living next to each other on a tour bus, filming on the same set, so in many ways those guys are like brothers to me. But even my own brother I don’t talk to all that often when I’m working, so I am an independent guy. I talked to Kendall recently, he was in Europe a couple weeks ago, gave me suggestions of where to go, didn’t get to those places because we had a pretty packed schedule, but we will always be in touch.”

Q: Are you doing any acting still?

A: “I want to continue both music and acting up until I feel like I can’t do both extremely well, at that point maybe I’ll chose one over the other and hopefully it will be choosing one over the other for a certain time, that’s what I have kind of done so far. If I am on tour, making an album, that’s all I’m doing, if I’m on set working on a movie, that’s all I’m doing. There are two movies that came out in the states. One of them is called 48 Hours to Live, we just had the premiere at the Chinese theater, which was awesome. Another one is It Happened One Valentine’s, which I am leading, an amazing cast, totally different from the other movie. I got an offer from a couple of different things when I go back to the states but until I’m on set I don’t want to talk about that but of course I’m going to keep that one going.”

Q: What’s the difference between touring alone versus touring with a full band?

A: “One major difference on this tour versus the others, even though this is a promo tour, even if it was more of an actual tour, it would still be so lean and mean compared to the old one. I mean the last tour I did I probably had a sixty person crew, we had seven buses, nine trucks and a three story stage. I mean that’s the amount of effort that goes into doing anything with that size of an operation. This current tour only consists of my tour manager, my guitarist, my piano player and our driver. The fun part about it is when I have half a day off and I want to do something we just do it, you know it’s great, compared to before, I had to go through security, of course I wanted to get back to that size with my music, but even then, when it’s my music, not trying to sound egotistic, but in the end it’s what I want to do from the looks, the music, it’s what makes it so enjoyable.”

Q: Have you seen any of the One Direction members since the Big Time Rush and One Direction Tour?

A: “The guys were super chill, I ran into Louis at One Oak in Los Angeles the other day and he’s doing the same stuff that I’m doing, he’s made a couple more bucks mind you, but the kid just wants to enjoy life as a young guy.”

Make sure you see James Maslow when he goes on tour in America. His new album How I like It is out now, and make sure to keep and eye out for his new movies.

James Maslow after the Q&A

James Maslow after the Q&A


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