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TOMBOY Symposium: A Discussion on Women in the Sports World

TOMBOY Symposium: A Discussion on Women in the Sports World

On Monday March 6th, Ford Hall Forums and CSN presented a symposium about the upcoming multiplatform documentary called TOMBOY.

TOMBOY will talk about gender in sports which will mainly concentrate on women’s roles in sports including both reporters and players. The documentary is used to show the struggles that women face in sports as well as the stereotypes that come with being a female in what many people see as a male only area of interest.

The symposium was held at Suffolk Universities Modern Theatre and was used to bring attention to the upcoming documentary as well as to further extend the discussion of women in the sports world.

The symposium was made up of four panelists which included NBC’s figure skating and gymnastics reporter Andrea Joyce, former Harvard University Women’s Soccer player Brooke Dickens, 3x USA Women’s Hockey Olympian and Boston College Women’s Hockey Coach Katie King Crowley, and Comcast Sports Network – New England’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Princell Hair. The panelists were joined by the host CSN Anchor Trenni Kusnierek who at times acted as a fifth panelist.

The symposium started off with Kusnierek asking the four panelists various questions including

how the panelists got into sports, what advantages and disadvantages did the panelist notice they

had as women in the sports world, and what should be said about the expression ‘boys will be boys’ amongst many others.

After Kusnierek was done asking her questions the symposium moved to an audience Q&A where the panel was asked to address various questions relating to not just women in the professional sports world but also in amateur sports as well as transgenders in the sports world.

Throughout the symposium, there were also clips of the upcoming documentary which featured various iconic females from the sports industry including Billie Jean King, Danielle Slaton, and Kate Scott. Each clip showed the women talking about being labelled a tomboy, battling stereotypes, and offering words of encouragement and empowerment to other women.

This symposium and TOMBOY are much needed in recent times as women are continuing their battle for equality. Things don’t seem to be getting much easier with a president that seems to think he can,” grab them by the pussy”, athletes that are allowed to continue their “locker room talk”, and rape that doesn’t result in jail time. Both also come in perfect timing with the International Women’s Day which is the epitome of the women’s empowerment movement for this week.

Click here to watch the full symposium.

TOMBOY  is set to premiere on CSN at 7:30 p.m. EST

If you are interested in upcoming Ford Hall Forums you can check out their website here and go to Programs.

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