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Peterson Might Not be the Ideal Blount Replacement

Peterson Might Not be the Ideal Blount Replacement

The Patriots are having a lot of players getting ready to leave for free agency. One of those players is power running back LeGarrette Blount. He has had a good career and is coming off a season high number of touchdowns (18). NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said that there is an “expectation” that Blount will not return to the Patriots next year.


There is one particular veteran running back who has said he is taking an interest in the Patriots, and that is legendary running back Adrian Peterson. AP is now and unrestricted free agent, meaning he can sign with any team and make an impact on another team. He has said that he’s willing to take a “team friendly contract” for the Super Bowl champions.


Lots of fans are very excited about this opportunity, but before people start losing their minds and assuming this will happen, let’s be realistic about this.


  • Belichick is always reluctant to pay running backs over $2 million dollars, no matter who they are. AP may want a ring, but no one is quite sure how much money he is willing to forfeit to get that ring.
  • AP hasn’t a played an entire season since 2011. That’s six years ago. Injuries have really prevented him from playing an entire season..
  • His age. He is 31 years old, and the body doesn’t heal from injuries nearly as quickly at that age, especially for running backs
  • The Patriots aren’t a team that is in desperate need of a running back. They aren’t a run heavy team so AP might want to go to a team where he will be used a lot and get his money’s worth.

However, I’m not knocking down AP’s skill. He is easily one of the most talented running backs to play the game in the history of the NFL. He could more than fill the void left by Blount if Blount does decide to leave.  It’s still early to predict how things will turn out, but if Blount does walk it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Patriots try and make some moves in order to get Adrian Peterson.

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