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Celtics in Desperate Need of Rebounders as Trade Deadline Approaches

Celtics in Desperate Need of Rebounders as Trade Deadline Approaches

A few days ago, a trade emerged that had power forward Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic going to the Toronto Raptors. The reason this was a big deal is because this is the second time this season the Celtics have been close to getting someone and then letting it slip through their fingers. The first was Kevin Durant over the summer and then after pulling all the stops, he went over to Golden State. Everyone knows that story.


The way the Celtics let the Ibaka deal slip away had a lot of fans scratching their heads and cursing out Danny Ainge. But for the sake of things, let’s put it in Ainge’s perspective. Yes it would be great if the Celtics gotten Serge, but he will be a free agent this upcoming offseason and he will probably want a lot of money. Ainge is trying to build for the future. However, Celtics fans aren’t looking for the future. They are looking for now. So let’s go over what the Celtics should try and get out of a trade before the deadline is up.


Rebounding: Anyone who watches the Celtics games will tell you they don’t rebound well. I feel like a broken record when I tell people that the Celtics will not go into the Finals unless they get someone who can rebound. In fact, that’s really the only problem the Celtics have, but it’s a big problem.  In the first 54 games, the Celtics were outrebounded 70% of the time. That’s embarrassing. Plan and simple. Some of that blame can go on Amir Johnson who seems to be allergic to rebounding. He’s averaging four rebounds a game.  That needs to be changed.


The Celtics should consider Andrew Bogut from the Mavericks. Bogut is averaging eight rebounds a game and that could be a difference maker. They should also look at Tyson Chandler from the Suns. He’s also averaging a whopping 11 rebounds a game. Be on the lookout for those names involving the Celtics.


Offense: Realistically, there isn’t anything the Celtics need to add to this offense. With Isaiah Thomas dominating and ranked second in the NBA in scoring just behind Russell Westbrook, Marcus Smart coming into his own building up some great defensive play in addition to his (career high eight steals against the 76ers the other night and averaging 10 points per game), and of course Jae Crowder and Al Horford all comes together. Nothing needs to be changed on that side of the ball.


Defense: Again, there isn’t much need to make a change here. Their opponent’s three point percentage shooting is best in the East, and fourth best in all of the NBA.  The only other teams who beat them out in that department are the Warriors, Spurs and Grizzlies. That’s very good company to be in.


To recap, the Celtics need to make sure to get someone that can rebound. I will say it until I am blue in the face or my fingers fall off from all the typing, but if they don’t get a rebounder they can’t get to the Finals. Keep your eyes and ears open as we get closer to February 23rd and see what moves the Celtics make or the ones they miss…again.

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