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Patriots Day

On April 15th 2013 two terrorists left two explosives near the Boston Marathon Finish Line, that day 280 people were injured and 6 people died because of the two terrorists. The movie Patriots Day is about the tragedy that took place on that April day. Mark Wahlberg starts as Sgt. Tommy Sanders to investigate with many other officers from Boston and nearby towns to catch these two terrorists before they can get to NYC to bomb Times Square. John Goodman plays Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, J.K. Simmons plays Watertown Police Sargent Jeffrey Pugliese. Kevin Bacon plays Richard DesLauriers who is the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office. These are the three people who were in charge of the investigation to find the terrorists before they could attack more places. The terrorists were played by Alex Wolff who plays Dzhokhar and Themo Melikidze plays Tamerlan Tsarvaev.

This movie was hard to watch because of how accurate it was. The movie made people in the audience shed tears. Even though it is a sad movie based on a terrible tragedy, it is motivating to see what our officers did to make sure the city made a recovery from this. It shows how loyal and dedicated the officers are to protect the citizens of Boston. We also see how strong each victim is, especially Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky, who lost their legs in the bombing. I recently sat down with them to get their thoughts on the movie and what it was like working with Christopher O’Shea, who portrays Patrick Downes in the film, and Rachel Brosnahan, who portrays Jessica Kensky. Downes says “I spoke to Chris a number of times on the phone and his initial response was very disappointed, that I didn’t have a thicker accent, and he had been working on it, he even had a voice coach. I was immediately struck by how sweet he was and compassionate he was over the phone and really wanted to get a sense of what that time (Boston Marathon 2013) was like for us,” Downes said, “Then we got to meet them on set and they went right into the acting so they were asking us questions as they acted and then we got to go to lunch with them and hang out and learn about them. They’re really good people, and they’re both really talented but in the movie they don’t really have many lines but they establish this rapport, that, to us, they capture all those different stages of really relaxed, laid back loving time of those newlywed months and all of those complex emotions that followed, and they were determined of being respectful to that.” Kensky followed saying “They were the exact clothing that we were wearing that day, Rachel had on my jewelry that I actually wore that day, so there were really a lot of ways that they made that extra effort to make it really authentic.” Everyone in the movie did an amazing job making everything so real. Although the movie is based on a sad event, it only shows how when something like this happens, the community comes together to help everyone, which is really the tear jerker of the movie. Patriots Day is in theaters everywhere January 13th 2017 and select theaters December 21st 2016.


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