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Rams Get Iced at Home

Rams Get Iced at Home

On Tuesday the Rams hosted Southern New Hampshire University Penmen. SNHU is currently leading the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) with a record of 9-3-0 after their victory over the Rams last night. The Rams seemed to struggle against this mighty team, ending the game with a 5-2 loss and hoping to make a change in the way they play.


There is no way to put it lightly, the first period was a struggle for the Rams. The Penmen scored twice and it seemed like the Rams couldn’t get any sort of momentum going. The Rams tried to get things going on offense with a total of 10 shots on goal, but they never set up for any shots. They would skate into the zone and get a shot off, only for the Penmen to get the puck back and force the Rams into defense. The Penmen were a very solid team on offense and defense in the first period with a total of 10 shots on goal and two of them going in. As the first period came to a close the Rams fell early into a hole of 2-0.


Coming into the second period, the Rams got off to a great start thanks to Brett Lawson who got the assist from Bryan Etter to bring the game to a 2-1 deficit. That was until the Penmen quickly answered back with a goal of their own, making their lead 3-1 and back to a two goal game. However, it wasn’t all bad after that as the Rams began to pass the puck more and stay on  offense. This turned out to be very good for them as it allowed the team captain Stanton Turner to score with the assists from Mikhail Bryan and Brian Brooks, bringing the score to 3-2. However, this moment was short lived yet again as the Penmen scored to bring the game to 4-2 at the end of the second period.


The final period wasn’t much better for the Rams either. The Penman scored in the third period with a hat trick from their starting forward. The game was now 5-2 and the Rams starting goalie Michael Levine was pulled out and replaced with backup goalie Kevin Venturoso. Fortunately, the Penmen weren’t able to score for the rest of the game but the three goal lead  was already more than enough for them to secure the victory and for the Rams to lose big at home.


The Rams record is now 3-7-3 with their next game away at Salem State who have a record of 4-4-1. The Rams willing be looking to make an impressive bounce back on the road to get back into better shape.

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