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Meet Your SGA: Vice President Daniel Gazzani


Daniel Gazzani

“I’ve always been very passionate about American politics and government, and what better place to study that than here in the United States?” said Daniel Gazzani, Suffolk junior and Vice President of the Student Government Association, recounting why he decided to move from his native Venezuela to Boston for college.

Gazzani’s parents wanted him to seek higher education in a safe environment, something he felt couldn’t be done at home. He moved to Boston to enroll in a strong government studies program in a city with a rich history.

Gazzani has since found a home at Suffolk, majoring in both government and applied legal studies. He is in daily contact with his parents and says he is “eternally grateful” for their support, adding that he’s “trying to take advantage of the opportunity here in Boston.”

After taking some time to get used to a new country, Gazzani ran to be a senator for the Class of 2018 the spring of his freshman year, looking to create a change for his new friends at Suffolk.

He won the election, served on the Diversity Committee and the Academics Committee, and now as Vice President he is also the Chief Justice of SGA’s Student Judiciary Review Board.

When Gazzani ran for Vice President, he had three priorities for SGA, the first being inclusion of international students. He cited the success of the recent International Night to show the improved involvement of international students on campus. The event involved international students setting up tables, making food, and performing cultural dances of their native countries. “We had an excellent turnout and we’re hoping to keep promoting those kinds of events,” said Gazzani.

He also wanted to work with Suffolk’s administration to improve the class registration process. Lastly, he wanted to focus on raising student awareness of SGA itself. Gazzani updated the website, including the current roster and contact information of SGA’s members. The fall SGA elections of this year saw a greater turnout than usual, getting participation from about 500 voters compared to the usual of about 300 voters.

Now as the university continues on its search for a new university president, Gazzani wants to see more transparency in Suffolk’s Board of Trustees. He hopes that the Presidential Search Committee will select a president that, unlike his or her predecessors, will be able to stay with the university long-term and bring a sense of stability.

As for the future, Gazzani is thinking about attending law school after graduation. While still undecided about his career, he’s interested in eventually becoming a lawyer or working in government at the state or local level. But does the Venezuelan native want to work in the States or move back to South America?

I absolutely want to stay here,” Gazzani stated. “I’m a great believer of the American Dream. I think that if you work hard and dedicate yourself and you have a passion, then you can make it. I still think the American Dream is out there for people who are willing to work hard.”

In the meantime if you’re looking for Gazzani on the rare occasion when he’s not on campus, he’s probably out exploring the city, hanging with friends, or doing what he most prefers to do in his free time: “watching Netflix and eating chips.”

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