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Suffolk Student Launches Mobile Yoga Company

untitled“The main goal I have is to create a community,” said Sara Maloney of her newly launched business, Buddha Bus Yoga. As a lover of yoga, this Suffolk junior put the company in motion about a year ago, but the final push to make it real came with her study abroad experience in Madrid. Maloney found that working in a yoga studio bound her to one space, and her experience abroad showed her that she wants to travel and go beyond the studio.

“I wanted to bring it to people who need it and don’t have access to it,” she said.

Thus Maloney created Buddha Bus Yoga – a company that brings everything you need for a yoga class to exactly where you need it. The biggest target is the nine-to-five workplace, where Maloney believes recreational relaxation could help destress employees. She is also aiming her business at college campuses, music festivals, open markets and the likes – places with high stress levels where yoga could bring relaxation, or places with a crowd where yoga could bring recreation. By connecting to clients in their own environment, Maloney makes the practice extremely accessible and plans to make a huge difference in the mental and physical health of individuals.

“I want to break down the intimidation that comes with the word ‘yoga’,” said Maloney, who has been practicing yoga for about four years and has been a certified instructor for the past two. While she hopes to improve the health of her clients, Maloney practices yoga herself for the synchronization of the mind and body – a connection with the breath. She elaborated that this is a major aspect of Buddhist Zen meditation, the main source of the company’s name – Buddha Bus Yoga.

“I’m forever indebted to the wisdom and philosophy of Buddha – his words and practices have taught me a lot,” said Maloney. “What I take away most from Buddha is his attention to mindfulness.”

While Maloney has a good start on things, she still has a way to go before her company can reach its full potential. She launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding page last week, hoping to raise money to really get Buddha Bus Yoga going. While the dollar amount is important, Maloney cares more about how many people it reaches than to how much each person gives.

“I currently have $1557, which is exciting but I need way more for this to come true,” she said of the $8000 goal last week. “Even if it’s just the cost of a latté, each amount helps.”

Sara has reached about 23% of her goal, with 103 people backing her company so far. Still, this isn’t the only hint of success she’s had lately.

“I have pitched to two companies in the past week, and gotten picked up by two companies in the past week,” she said.

The 100% success rate is a good precedent to set early on. Maloney has about 20 days left of the IndieGoGo campaign to gain as much capitol as she can.

She is staying hopeful and positive about the company, which is important when you’re putting a lot out there at just 20 years old. Maloney’s campaign can be found on her IndieGoGo page here.

“The biggest part of it is creating a community around improving the health of the individual,” she stated, encouraging inclusivity. “I want there to be all walks of life who have experienced Buddha Bus.”

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