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The Edge of Seventeen Movie Review

Have you ever messed up in life? Have you ever made a situation awkward? What about sending someone a text that wasn’t meant to be sent to them? Nadine Byrd, played by Hailee Steinfield, in the new movie The Edge of Seventeen, is an expert at these things. Nadine Byrd is a junior in high school and her life is awkward already, she lives a tough life with drama at home and at school, luckily she meets a friend in elementary school, Krista, played by Haley Lu Richardson, and they both have similar lives with being awkward. Unfortunately, one day things get more awkward and uncomfortable when Nadine stumbles along her brother, Darian, played by Blake Jenner, and Krista sleeping together and from here the movie basically shows how awful Nadine handles situations. Thankfully Nadine finds a boy who is just as awkward as her named Erwin Kim, played by Hayden Szeto, and they end up dating making Nadine’s life so much happier and better. This movie shows the struggles that Nadine faces and how it relates to kids in high school today being bullied, facing anxiety, depression or any other severe issue. There are moments where you laugh during the movie but it is also about a serious situation.

Overall the movie is cute and uplifting. It provides a message of having self-confidence no matter who you are. Everyone has those awkward moments in life, you just have to learn how to turn them into something fun and silly. It is also a movie that puts out the message of looks don’t matter. Nadine is the girl who isn’t popular because of her awkwardness and way she dresses but the movie lets us know that everyone has a soul mate, it just takes time. The Edge of Seventeen rips at your heart, makes you laugh with and at Nadine. There is a lot of things that most people who lived a semi normal life in high school probably experienced, well I hope not all of them. The Edge of Seventeen is in theaters November 18th 2016.

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