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Stage Review: Margo Veil: An Entertainment


Still of Erica Wisor (’18) in a promotional video designed by Aria Sergany (’18)

Margo Veil is a play written by Len Jenkin about a young woman working in New York City as an actress. In her desperate plea to gain recognition in her acting career and a little bit of money, she takes an odd job by her agent. Throughout her journey she runs into absurd characters that aid her during some unfortunate circumstances. The change within her and her surroundings come full circle with an ending that will surely leave you wanting to know more about everyone who stepped foot on that stage.

Director Wes Savick created a show that captures your attention with a solemn beginning that transpires into a wickedly funny piece. Each and every person on stage is utilized in an important role.

Every person in the Company was on POINT. Erica Lundin (‘17) and Andrea Royo (19‘) do a fantastic job setting the tone within every scene. As narrators and inner-consciousness’, they take you to parallel universes with grace and poise. Erica Wisor (‘18) and Kelly Roper (‘17) beautifully filled the stage with their voices and ethereal performances as Ruta and Vivian Clay respectively. Jack Aschenbach (‘18) and Annalise Fosnight (‘17) make a wonderful pair breaking “reality” with magical realism as Dwayne and Big Betty. Sarah Vasilevsky (‘17), playing Margo Veil, steals the show with her melodramatics that add to the noir mood  which drives her world inviting you to hop on with her.

The show was beautifully created with an immersive set, creeping out of the stage, by having the Stage Manager (Kevin J.P. Hanley ‘17) be part of the show and utilizing Foley sounds (supplied by Aria Sergany ‘18 and Xenia Kamalova 18‘) which complemented each scene beautifully. The costumes were amazing and need I mention the Stage Management who amazingly put the entire show together. You go Kevin.

This show is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen with beautiful acting and beautiful people. Each scene flows so smoothly with tangents that bring you full circle into the story. A fun show that will have you laughing from the start and maybe shed a few tears on the way. Run, don’t walk, to see Margo Veil!


Margo Veil opens Thursday, Nov. 17 at 8 pm and runs through Sunday, Nov. 20 at 3 pm at The Modern Theatre at Suffolk University, 525 Washington St. Tickets are $10/Students and $15/General. For more information regarding Margo Veil and the Theatre Department click here. Featured photo design by Matthew Erikson. Video still courtesy of Aria Sergany. 

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