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How To Survive Winter Like a Local

The red Starbucks cups are out ladies and gentlemen and you know what that means: winter!!!! As an enthusiast of November 1 being the start of the entire holiday season, I absolutely embrace the dropping temperatures and twinkling lights lining the streets. Although, I am completely aware of the fact that not everyone is as accepting of this season as I may be. Growing up in New England, I became accustomed to the brutal winters and bundled jackets without much problem, so here are a few of my personal tips on how to survive the wintertime in Boston (hopefully) without tearing up each time you look out the window at the snow. Enjoy!


  1. Invest in a coat

As far as walking through the wind tunnel streets of Boston goes, a thin North Face jacket will not be cutting it this season. Though some can be a bit pricy, a long winter jacket is a must-have when living in New England. By purchasing one of top quality, you can ensure staying warm won’t be an issue and it will last for future winters to come.

  1. Stock up on hot chocolate

When the temperatures start to go below the freezing point and your professor still expects you to arrive promptly for your 8AM, you’ll be thankful for a mug of hot chocolate. Not only does it serve as a delicious drink, but it’ll act as the perfect hand warmer if you purchase the stylish gloves that prove to lack in actual warmth.

  1. Iced coffee is still a necessity

It’s a Boston thing. Hot chocolate can be in one hand, but an iced coffee should still be in the other.

  1. Boots matter

No, it doesn’t matter how much water proofing spray you put on those Uggs, they still won’t be winter boots. Despite the fuzzy interior, Uggs have little to no chance of surviving a winter in the city. With the salty streets and sidewalks, the aesthetic of the Uggs will be killed soon after the first icy day, so buying heftier boots will be worth it. L.L. Bean tends to be a reputable brand that many Bostonians swear by, and offers an awesome lifetime guarantee for when a pair of shoes wears out.

  1. Hats, gloves, and socks

With fuzzy and wool socks hitting the shelves in stores, now is the time to stock up. You’ll be thankful when your toes aren’t about to freeze off. Along with this, a hat that covers your ears and some gloves that allow you to text are the complete combination to beating the cold. Yes, you may look like a giant marshmallow with a puffy jacket and all these added accessories, but we’ll all be fluffy marshmallows together.

  1. Blanket scarves

Blanket scarves double as warm scarves on the streets and convenient lap blankets when indoors, which is probably the best item to have in class or in your dorm on a chilly winter day.

  1. Netflix

When snow days leave you rotting in your dorm room, what’s better than a good Netflix series? Prepare your list of shows and movies and get ready for a cozy day in bed!

  1. And when all else fails, stay inside

Unless you have to go outside or absolutely love the cold, there’s no shame in taking a lazy day and staying indoors. While life doesn’t stop, winter is the perfect excuse to go into hibernation mode when you’re fed up with the cold (which admittedly, even us locals are not immune to).

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