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Travel Log: Long Weekend in Wisconsin

“There’s a team other than the Patriots,

a quarterback other than Brady,

and a place with better foliage than New England’s?

Try me.”


These were my exact words as my boyfriend Brian begged me to join him for a weekend vacation consisting of a seventeen hour car ride to Wisconsin and a trip to a Green Bay Packers football game. He told me, “Yes, Wisconsin is known for its cheese, but I assure you there is much more to it.”


Putting my trust in his words – and the fact that a drive through upstate New York during autumn is a treasure in itself – I packed my bags. I figured, with his birthday weeks away, accompanying him on this adventure was the least I could do as an early birthday present.


Little did I know, I would once again be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the excursion.


To start off, the car ride honestly wasn’t even that bad. FYI, once you drive cross country, no road trip will ever be painful. We blasted the radio and were amused by the variance of political signage from state to state, given the upcoming presidential election. The 34 hour trip there and back flew by.


When we got to Green Bay, it was full of Packers pride and green and yellow. This felt like some weird parallel universe to Foxborough before a Pats game. It was very odd witnessing people who were so insanely excited for a quarterback that was not TB12… quite a change of pace.


(Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WI)

(Lambeau Field – Green Bay, WI)


I started thinking, why would anyone share so much love for such a random team like the Packers? And then I began learning the history: the Super Bowl trophy being named after Vince Lombardi (a successful Packers coach), winning thirteen Super Bowls (the most for one team in NFL history), and the famous Lambeau Field that still has its original, backless benches in the lower stands. The Packers are a team of undeniable, historical excellence. I’ve come to the conclusion that Packers fans have just as much reason to be proud as Pats fans – and that was very, VERY hard for me to admit.


(Entrance to Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WI)

(Entrance to Lambeau Field – Green Bay, WI)


When it came time for the game, sadly, Aaron Rodgers and his team were not able to pull off the win. I expected Brian (clearly a die-hard Packers fan) to cry the entire way home. But, to my amazement, he did not let the loss cut into our get-away fun.

(Foliage at Voyageur Park - De Pere, WI)

(Foliage at Voyageur Park – De Pere, WI)


Over the rest of the weekend, we got professional massages from a local masseuse who told us all about local activities, took a walk in a riverside park full of gorgeous foliage, and enjoyed our nights at a sweet little French hotel in a neighboring town, De Pere. I could not have asked for a more relaxing and beauteous weekend vacation. Wisconsin’s fall is truly a hidden gem.





A couple pieces of travel advice:

  1. Always take long road trips with someone you love or people you genuinely get along with. I cannot stress enough that little pet-peeves can become big problems when cabin (car) fever starts to set in.
  2. Also, don’t forget to check Groupon for discounts on any local events or activities that you plan on enjoying during your stay (we got our massages half off!).
(Window view overlooking the Fox River from Chateau De Pere - hotel in De Pere, WI)

(Window view overlooking the Fox River from Chateau De Pere – hotel in De Pere, WI)

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