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Boston Socialist Alternative Holds First Post-Election Meeting

Last night in Boston, individuals from all backgrounds and cultures, came together in the SEIU 32BJ on West Street in Downtown Boston to discuss the action taken against President Elect Donald Trump so far, and what is to happen next.

Originally planned to be held a couple of streets over, the meeting was relocated due to the sheer amount of attendees confirmed via a Facebook event set up by local activist group Boston Socialist Alternative (the same group responsible for Wednesday night’s massive Anti-Trump rally throughout Downtown Boston). Many smaller groups were in attendance ranging from students at Northeastern, UMass Boston, Suffolk and many more along with Bostonians of all ages, colors and sizes.

The night began with an introduction from BSA member Andy Moxley talking of where we stand and mentioning some ideas on where to go. Canvassing, Patrolling the streets in search of violence and discrimination. Putting up posters and handing out flyers. Protesting. The list of possibilities went on. “[Members of the Republican Party] were scared of a reaction to Trump and we were that reaction”, said Moxley to the packed room of attendees. “We want to create, not a border wall, but a wall of resistance, and last night was the first brick in that wall,” he continued. The compassion in the room also showed first when Moxley responded to an older attendees’ comment “If you don’t vote, don’t complain”, to which he commented “I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that.”

After wrapping up the introduction, a member of the Massachusetts Teacher Association (MTA) began to moderate a series of comments given by the crowd. She selected individuals who came up to form a line then prompting two minute statements from each individual. People spoke for over an hour on a sprawling list of concerns/civil issues including…

  • Women’s Rights.
  • LGBT+ Rights – “make sure we don’t just matter, but that were a priority” – “I’m here because I’m Trans, and I don’t wanna die,” – Both comments by different attendees, the latter was followed by a standing ovation from the whole room.
  • Getting Big Money out of Politics – Attendees were encouraged to visit for more info.
  • Fighting Against the DAPL and other Environmentally Destructive/Anti Indigenous Efforts.
  • The Importance of Art as an offensive tool – One woman suggested gluing body hair to inaccurate depictions of Women in Ads posted around the city.
  • A complete restructuring of the American Government including abolishing the Electoral College and breaking apart the Two-Party system – “It’s a system that cannot work in the interests of the people and it’s a system that doesn’t try to work in the interests of the people.”
  • The desire/need for a $15 minimum wage.
  • Efforts to assist those in Palestine.
  • Rights and Representation for Peoples with Disabilities including deaf representation and those with mental illnesses.
  • Protecting our National Parks and preventing corporations and the government stripping them.
  • The need for Intersectionality – or the interconnection of races, social classes and gender by creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.
  • The importance of “checking your privilege” – or referencing one’s inherent advantages in society due to their white skin, straight sexual preference or cis-male gender – “every time you hear the word privilege and get that little quiver, get over yourself… use it.”
  • Muslim Rights – A young woman stands at the podium, recites something in Arabic and then says, “if you feel afraid because I just spoke in Arabic, then you need to address that now.”
  • Rid the country of corporate prisons.

After the final speakers had taken the stage the moderators closed out the evening with a few remarks and plans for the future. Announcing the second meeting for some time in December, plans to hold nationwide rallies on Inauguration Day in January and giving notice of a KKK Victory Rally in March for Trump.

The night ended as the crowd spilled out onto West Street with plans to meet up after at various bars were created between friends and strangers as everyone went their separate ways, pride in their minds and love in their hearts, ready for what comes next.

For more information on Boston Socialist Alternative click here.

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