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Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

The season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” came out “swinging” on Sunday October 23rd. Fans have waited for this moment for over seven months. The moment where the legendary comic book character and villain, Negan played by none other than actor, Jeffery Dean Morgan, comes to life on the small screen and brutally kills off a series regular with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat named Lucille. This was what we the fans have waited for, who was Negan finally going to kill, after the dramatic cliff hanger in the 90-minute season 6 finale, where you see that Negan does in fact kill someone, but the episode was shot in the point of view of the person on the receiving end of Lucille leaving the audience to question the who died in that finale. But alas, the time has come, in the overly anticipated season 7 premiere, the episode begins right after the killing of a beloved character, that was still unknown. The episode then continues in the fashion of flashbacks from the main character, Rick Grimes’ perspective of him trying to process what has just happened. Rick is taken out of the “Negan lineup” by Negan himself and him and Rick go on a little road trip. Throughout this road trip in the midst of Negan’s taunting to Rick that he is not one to be messed with, the viewers are taken on a journey of what happened moments before. Rick’s flashbacks reveal that this was not one person killed by Negan, but two. The first victim, which was that left fans questioning who died for the whole summer was character, Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz. Abraham remained tough and as Negan stated in the midst of his killing, that he was, “taking it like a champ” before being fully brain dead by baseball bat Lucille, Abraham muttered his final words in typical Abraham comedic fashion, “suck my nuts” Negan then continued to brutally bash Abraham’s head in until he was unrecognizable. You would think that was traumatic enough for fans to experience right? Well the show didn’t think so. Moments later fan favorite, character Daryl played by Norman Reedus, taunts Negan for the crime he just committed, but Daryl does not get punished for his outburst, it is everyone’s favorite pizza delivery boy, Glenn that pays the price and is the shocking second victim of notorious Negan. His pregnant wife, Maggie watched as her husband was killed by Negan right in front of her, as Glenn mutters his final departing words, “Maggie, I’ll find you” and then Negan proceeds to excessively bash Glenn’s head in. Ricks flashbacks then ended and he sits in shock over what just happened, as well as the fans at this point, but once again, they don’t stop there. Negan takes Rick back to his fractured group and demands that Rick has to cut his son, Carl’s right arm off just too make it clear that Negan is now the leader. The show finally lets the fans breathe when Negan stops Rick because he can now see that Rick knows who the real leader is now. Negan and his group of Saviors leave Rick to their now smaller and fragile group.

The premiere episode had a whopping 17 million viewers tuning in live. Surprisingly, this was not Walking Dead’s highest rating episode. The season 5 premiere in 2014 sits at the highest number of views in Walking Dead history at 17.3 million viewers. The season 7 premiere was only 2% behind from beating the record! The gruesome premiere also caused controversy with the Parents Television Council. In an interview with President of the PTC, Tim Winters was not fond of the intensity and gore in the episode. He stated, “Last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead was one of the most graphically violent shows we have ever seen on television.” Anyone that has watched the premiere can ask themselves, was it really too gruesome for Television? You be the judge. The producers of Walking Dead gave fans a breather in the 2nd episode of the season aired last Sunday October 30th. The episode was the introduction to new beginnings, and new characters, even one in particular that owns a tiger as a pet, keeping it interesting as always. The episode did not include any of the characters involved in Negan’s tragedy giving fans a breath of fresh air, at least for one week anyway. We’ll see what’s in store in the latest installment in the iconic zombie apocalypse on Sunday November 6th.

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