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Students for Political Accountability

Now is not the time for blind hate or agitation.  Now is no longer the time to take the problems at hand and forget about them a week from now.  If you call yourself an American or an ally it is time to take action.  We must not let our voices fall on deaf ears.  We must go out and bring our voices to the the people who represent us.  They are the ones that hold the power and we must entice them with not only our pride, but our determination to make sure this country does not lose the freedom it has held and the freedom that it stands for.  I implore my fellow Suffolk students who want to fight against what has happened to organize.  We have to accept the outcome of this election, but now we must hold our government accountable. We cannot afford to simply be individuals protesting in a crowd, but we must organize to become a solidified group.

The fight for equality for the past sixty years must not be stripped away in this next presidency.  We will have a president that has mentioned Roe v. Wade in a manner that is regression at its finest. We will have a vice-president that has funded and believes in conversion therapy, which has resulted in a tragic amount of suicides, in addition to being proven unsuccessful.  We will have a president that will want to escalate the United States involvement in the Middle East and bring even more death and destruction into our world. We will have a president that will attempt to deport many people who have come to this country to chase their dreams or out of fear for their lives, like many of our ancestors have done in the past. We will have a president, senate, and congress that don’t believe or care about climate change.

We must protest to protect all the work for equality that has been done. We must protest to defend women’s rights to control their own bodies. We must be the force to promote peace and acceptance in a world filled with hate. Suffolk students, we have stood up in the face of injustice before, now is the time we must truly stand up and force the government to hear us.

It is time for us to take action like those who did during the civil rights movement in the sixties.  Organize sit ins and rallies where people will get the chance to come together and listen to the ideas of those around us. Bring our message under one banner so that when we do take to the streets people will know exactly why we are there.  We cannot just be “college protestors”  we must become a recognized group that is not just another blind protest out of hate but one that is focused on progression and the protection of our inalienable rights.  

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