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An Open Letter to The United States of America

Dear America,

I am disappointed. Actually, let me expand upon that: I am extremely disappointed. I am appalled, I am stunned, I am ashamed, I am flabbergasted. And let me say, before you go off on a rant—defending Trump – that I am not disappointed in him. I do not believe that is fair or wise to let the opinions of an individual affect me, no matter how abominable or insensitive they may be.

I am disappointed in the people of the ‘greatest country on earth’. I am disappointed that the American people have decided to accept misogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, and ignorance into the oval office.

This election was not simply a conflict of Republicans against Democrats, or establishment against anti-establishment; this election defined the thoughts of our people in such a way that proved we have lost our regard for human life. We have lost our compassion, our empathy, and in general our ability to think outside our own ethnocentricity. We have made a decision based solely on how it will affect our own lives, our families, and the way we each view the world as individuals.

To many of you, I am sure that the above seems logical. But I ask you: where will that get us? Where do selfish actions lead? How are we supposed to exist as a country united when our citizens seem only to think of themselves?

The votes in this election have collectively shown that we as a country do not care about victims of sexual assault. We do not care about minorities. We do not care about members of the LGBT community. We do not care about women and their fight for equality. We do not care about those who practice religions other than Christianity. We have shown that one does not need to be educated, informed, or tactful. We have shown that bullying and crude, repugnant language are entirely acceptable. We have shown that we do not care for humanity. We have shown that we only care for ourselves.

And for this, America, I am not only disappointed, I am sorry. I am sorry that we have created a society and culture that no longer value education, empathy, compassion, or freedom; a culture that no longer values respect for other individuals, or the protection of their personal liberties and fundamental rights. America, I am sorry that your people no longer seem to understand or value the very constitution that you are governed by and that they, that we, have forgotten what it means to be free.

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