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What Does This Mean?

The empty Javits Center where Clinton held her campaign event Tuesday evening. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

None of us really know. And we won’t at least for a little while. A lot will change, that’s for sure, but we can really only wonder… what’s first?

Midway into poll closures, people began to see an America that many of us feared was out there but never looked close enough to see. An America where people are truly angry at the changes in our country. Van Jones accurately described the events of last night as a “White lash” against a Black president and against a country that is moving in “too far” of a liberal direction for many conservatives. These people, many of whom never trusted the system and doubted their voices for countless years before us, finally had a chance to speak through this man they call their leader. They got up and they went to the polls and they made him president.

After voting, the rest of us just got to sit there and watch. Watch as progress was seemingly ripped away right in front of our eyes. Watch as people took to the streets in tears and confusion at how any of this was possible. Watch as countless individuals of different racial minorities questioned their immediate safety remaining in America. Watch as the America we thought we knew, became the one we feared it was.

So what will happen? With a completely Republican controlled government many facets of the American way of life could begin to change. Planned Parenthood can expect to lose government funding. A conservative and anti-abortion Supreme Court judge will most likely be appointed. Our efforts in the Syrian refugee crisis will hit a wall. Climate change progress will be all but reversed.

How do we tell LGBTQ youth that they are safe and that “it gets better” in a country that just elected a vice president who agrees with the practice of conversion therapy? How can women and girls feel safe with a president who brags about his history of sexual assault?

For one, we can stand together. It’s time to stop keeping quiet and letting others do the dirty work for us. We can provoke change if we set our minds to it, and now it is more important than ever. Before we even let these men take office, we need to show this country that a president needs the undivided respect and loyalty of its people in order to govern. Something that Donald Trump does not have.

So don’t let the cheering on TV dishearten you. Allies are out there. We come in many different shapes and sizes. We’re proud, we’re angry and we can’t let this hateful rhetoric become the norm. Let us remind this country that you can attempt to stall our progress, but you will never truly stop us.

Stand. Join. Speak. We will get through this, but not alone.

This post was taken from Andrew Bourque’s blog ‘Words’. Click here for more.


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