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Patriots Trade LB Collins to the Browns

Patriots Trade LB Collins to the Browns

Fall Asleep on Top, Wake up on the Bottom

During the offseason, the Patriots traded away Outside Linebacker Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals. This was a significant move  because Jones was a  defensive star and many  fans felt this would result in the defense crumbling  and would allow the Cardinals would get better. However the Patriots are 7-1 and the Cardinals are 3-4. However, this isn’t about Jones.This is about Linebacker Jamie Collins who was traded on Monday. In what seemed to confuse a lot of people, Collins was traded to the Cleveland Browns (who have an 0-8 record, a far cry from 7-1) in exchange for third round compensatory pick. However, if the Browns don’t receive that compensatory then the Patriots will get a fourth round pick instead.

When asked why he did this, Patriots’ Head Coach Bill Belichick said, “We did what we thought was best for the football team. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. I’m sure we could bring up a lot of points to talk about, but in the end, that’s really the bottom line.”

This had many Patriots fans wondering where this trade came from and why Belichick would make this move. Before all the Patriots fans start screaming and cursing out Belichick, let’s take look at some of the facts here.

Tom Curran of CSN New England actually noted that Collins seemed to be dropping off in terms of skill last year in the AFC Championship game when Collins was beat multiple times by Bronco’s Owen Daniels.

There was more than just that too. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Collins was asking for “Von Miller level money” ($114.5 million over six years, highest paid defensive player in the NFL and Superbowl MVP). Belichick doesn’t pay anyone that kind of money.

Next comes from the fact that Jamie Collins actually doesn’t follow the play book. Former Patriots staffer Mike Lombardi noted that in game against the Bills on Sunday that “Collins on the second play of the game does whatever he wants and Bills gain 28 yards, Been happening all year. Was not going to continue.”

Finally, Jamie Collins doesn’t even watch football. He was interviewed by the “Improper Bostonian” and they asked him if he prefers to watch college football or pro football. He responded with “Neither. I didn’t grow up watching football, and I still don’t. Me and Chandler Jones have talked about this since I first got [to New England]. I never watched football. I never thought I’d be here, and I’d rather play video games. I don’t really want to watch it.”

To Summarize, Belichick has a very strict way of running his team. To be the best team in the NFL, you have to live, eat, breathe football. Collins didn’t want to do that. You have to be able to do what the playbook demands of you. Collins didn’t want to do that. You have to be comfortable not making the most money in exchange for a shot at the superbowl every year. Collins didn’t want to do that. So inevitability, Belichick and the Patriots didn’t want him.

The Browns are going to have plenty of money to spend on him but they will have a hard time keeping him once he reaches free agency (they could franchise tag him but the team’s record over the years is a huge deterrence).

Yet again Belichick works in mysterious ways but he has proven time and time again, there is a method to his madness.

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