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Keeping Up With The Joneses Movie Review

Most people live in a neighborhood where everyone acts normal, or you would hope so. Where everyone says hi to one another and is friendly and maybe every now and then the community has a cook out. Unfortunately for the Gaffney’s that is not the case. Zach Galifianakis stars as Jeff Gaffney who works at a company called MBI. Isla Fisher plays Karen Gaffney, wife to Jeff Gaffney. One day one of the houses on the culdesac was bought by Tim Joneses, played by Jon Hamm, and Natalie Joneses, played by Gal Gadot. The Gaffneys decide to greet the new neighbors and invite them to a community cook out, which the community called “Junetoberfest,” and Karen Gaffney starts to notice strange things with the Joneses. Karen starts noticing that they are more than normal because of their flawless looks and their many talents. Karen becomes suspicious and one night takes Jeff over to their house while the Joneses are out to dinner and find out they are spies. From here the movie takes off into a movie full of comedy, action, and even some romance.

Keeping Up with the Joneses is one of those movies that you should see if you like to laugh. It is full of comedic scenes where sometimes you’re just balling your eyes out. The movie is a combination of Get Smart, because of its funny scenes, and Knight and Day. The movie also has a good amount of action scenes making sure the audience were at the edge of their seats and at the same time laughing because there were still comedy moments in the action scenes. It’s a movie that can relate to you if your neighborhood is odd. It’s about a couple who went from living a normal life to living a life with spies and seeing things that most people don’t see. I guarantee this movie will make you laugh and at the same time be at the edge of your seat because of the amount of action in it. Keeping Up with the Joneses is now playing in theaters.

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