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Patriots vs. Steelers; Week 7 Preview

Quarterback: It's no question here when it comes to who has the edge. You have potentially the greatest quarterback of all time going up against a back-up quarterback. Anyways, Tom Brady has astounding numbers over his two games back from suspension. Brady has posted 782 throwing yards just over the last two games, that is 269 more throwing yards than Landry Jones had in all of 2015 and he played seven game ...

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High Holidays Yield Stress for Students

Growing up in a predominately Jewish area, I never really felt out of place because, well, there were just so many Jews in my town. Everyone knew when all of the Jewish holidays were, about the traditions, and customary Jewish foods, even if they weren’t Jewish. Once I moved to Boston, however, things were very different. I know a total of three Jewish people in the city and unlike my high school experience ...

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Keeping Up With The Joneses Movie Review

Most people live in a neighborhood where everyone acts normal, or you would hope so. Where everyone says hi to one another and is friendly and maybe every now and then the community has a cook out. Unfortunately for the Gaffney’s that is not the case. Zach Galifianakis stars as Jeff Gaffney who works at a company called MBI. Isla Fisher plays Karen Gaffney, wife to Jeff Gaffney. One day one of the houses on ...

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