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New Campus, New Suffolk

The walk into sawyer this year feels exactly the same as it did freshman year: unfamiliar, exciting, and new. When I first chose to go to Suffolk, I liked that our campus was spread out around Boston. I didn’t, however, like that the gym was sub par, that the commute between classes could be a hike (think Ridgeway to 73), or that the university felt cold and uninviting.

Fast forward three years and the vibe did a complete 180. There’s no longer a long walk to Donahue at 1:50 trying to hurry to 2:00 class in Sawyer. Somerset boasts new and beautiful steps with benches alongside, spacious classrooms, and a cafeteria, which in my opinion has a much more lively and inviting atmosphere than Donahue had previously. The modern design makes Somerset a casual spot to hang before class. On top of the updated aesthetic, it was built right across from Sawyer, making it a heck of a lot easier to get to class on time.

suffolk-university-suffolk-on-tremont-street_0750_for-webAlongside the new construction was the redesign of Sawyer’s lobby, which now looks so much nicer and more appealing with colorful walls, cool seats on the steps, and a more spacious lobby, making it another fun spot to hang out on campus. The addition of the Sawyer Library Commons in 73 Tremont was also a nice touch and it creates a modern, aesthetically pleasing, great space to study. In general the buildings are way more appealing to look it, inside and out. Even the redesigned cafeteria in 150 Tremont is impressive. Previous spaces in Donahue and Archer were really outdated and even the common areas we did have did not look new or appealing.

Because of Somerset and Sawyer classes are also now conveniently closer to 73, 1 Beacon, and all the dormitories including Miller, 150, 10 West, and Modern. With all the academic buildings being closer together and the steps outside Somerset providing a spot for kids to hang out, it’s almost like Suffolk has a typical “quad” and again gives the sense of a “college feel”. I think everyone’s favorite change though was the huge upgrade to Ridgeway. Students attending Suffolk finally have a good place to work out on campus! All in all Suffolk has a much more typical college campus vibe than it did three years ago and that’s a nice and welcomed change.

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