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Ten Tips to Survive Freshman Year of College

Beginning college can be the start of a thrilling journey, but also a time of confusing change. With living in a new location, choosing your own food, and managing your schedule, it can be difficult to figure out how to thrive in your new lifestyle. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with this, here’s a list of some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to deal with the start of year!

  1. Eat healthy

Healthy habits are important. If choosing your own food is new to you and you have just moved away from home cooked meals, plan to be in for a shock. Choosing blueberries over the candy bar that’s staring you in the face is definitely a test, but it’s worth it to get into the habit of eating well. Stock up on some healthy foods- bananas and yogurt are some of my favorite foods to keep in my dorm room.

  1. Go to the gym

Suffolk University’s new fitness center, located in the Ridgeway building, is never too crowded and houses a fresh set of equipment that is just waiting for all the freshman to use it. The infamous “freshman 15 lbs.” will strike at seemingly the least reasonable time. Suddenly your pants will be a bit too tight and that favorite sweater of yours just won’t fall the same way. Do yourself a favor and hit the gym, if only so that you won’t have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe on a college budget.

  1. Go to class

It can be so easy to tell yourself that you need just five more minutes of sleep, but when that five minutes turns into two hours and suddenly you’ve missed both of your classes for the day, it’s a problem. Going to class consistently can help you in the future too- when you’re sick in bed with the flu, the professor will be much more understanding if you haven’t skipped numerous classes throughout the semester.

  1. Invest in a good dry shampoo

When those 8:00 a.m. classes hit you, they hit hard. Throw some dry shampoo in your hair, and try to make it out of your dorm in time without having to do the 500-meter dash down the sidewalk. But do us all a favor, shower when you get back!

  1. Do homework in advance

As an avid procrastinator, I think I may need to take my own advice on this one. Nobody wants to lose sleep over papers and projects, so it’s worth doing some work ahead of time. By doing this, it allows you to work on it at a steady pace rather than rushing the night before to get it all done. Don’t make your life more stressful than it has to be.

  1. Join clubs or sports

In some way, try to get involved around the campus. Whether it be through a club, a sport, or an on-campus job, becoming involved is a great way to meet new people, discover a true passion, or even just fill up some free time. Through the Student Leadership and Involvement Office’s website, a full list of organizations and clubs that are on campus can be accessed, as well as information on how to create a new club if the university does not have what you’re looking for.

Many freshmen have just moved into Boston for the first time, which means the area may be a bit unfamiliar. During free time, going out to just walk the city or visit a few restaurants is a smart way to learn where the best eateries and hangout spots in each part of the city reside. With the endless opportunities in Boston, it would be foolish to not try to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

  1. Learn how to get from here to there

Download Uber. It will come in handy if you’re ever in an area that would be a distant walk from the T station, and you’re first ride is free up to $20. That being said, using and starting to figure out the MBTA system will be valuable when deciding how to get to various locations, and could be more affordable than other modes of transportation. As you begin to get out and travel the city more, it will be easier to decide if walking is reasonable or if you’ll need some other mode of transportation.

  1. Travel in groups.

Despite the beauty of the city at night, it is best to travel in groups to ensure maximum safety when you’re out. If you do not have a friend to travel with at night, the Suffolk University Police Department has set up a program to escort students around campus to make sure that students can go about the Downtown Boston area safely. Stay aware and alert!

  1. Have fun!

You only get one freshman year of college, so make the best of it! This is a time of self-discovery and should be based around whatever you love most, whether that is doing yoga every single day or finally starting an Instagram for all the pictures of the cakes you bake each weekend. Do whatever makes you into the happiest version of you! Enjoy!

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