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Deepwater Horizon Movie Review

Deepwater Horizon is about the tragedy that took place on April 20th 2010 known as the BP oil spill. Mark Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, the Chief Electronics Technician, who gets sent out on a three-week long job to drill for oil, instead he ends up dealing with the situation of the workers, who were supposed to check if the oil pipe was working properly, but got sent home by the BP oil bosses before the ...

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Old Rivals Meet Again; Pats vs Bills Week 4 Preview

This Sunday the Patriots will have another home game against one of their division rivals the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are coming off a big win against the Arizona Cardinals with the score being 33 to 18 in favor of the Bills.   Let’s get right to a big concern for the Patriots in this game; who is the quarterback? Well some good news is that according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter, “Both Jimmy Garoppo ...

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New Campus, New Suffolk

The walk into sawyer this year feels exactly the same as it did freshman year: unfamiliar, exciting, and new. When I first chose to go to Suffolk, I liked that our campus was spread out around Boston. I didn’t, however, like that the gym was sub par, that the commute between classes could be a hike (think Ridgeway to 73), or that the university felt cold and uninviting. Fast forward three years and the vibe ...

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Celtics’ Offseason Coming to a Close

Over the summer, the Celtics acquired former Atlanta Hawks power forward/center Al Horford via free agency. This brought mixed reactions from fans, some saying he won’t be able to help the team because he is not that good and that he was being overpaid, while others believe he will be a strong addition to the team. For the first time in his career, he played all 82 games last season, finishing with 15.2 poi ...

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