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Boston Comic Con 2016

Boston Comic Con: the biggest comic con in New England and one of the biggest in America. Every year thousands of people come to the Boston Comic Con and a lot of people come dressed up in costumes from their favorite comic book or TV series. It almost feels like Halloween in August. This year was full of Pokémon, Ghostbuster, and Star Wars outfits. Of course there were Star Trek shirts as well. There were also celebrities who came to the comic con to sign autographs and take photos with fans. This year Robbie Amell, Elizabeth Henstridge, William Shatner, John Barrowman, and many more came to visit the comic con. The Boston Comic con opened its doors to the thousands of excited fans on Friday August 12th and the grand finale of the 2016 Boston Comic Con was Sunday August 14th.


The costumes were amazing. There was a Pikachu that was similar to the way Disney has their costumes set up and designed, which is to make it hard for the people inside to go to the bathroom. My favorite costume was Captain Jack Sparrow. One of the Jack Sparrows spoke with me, “This is my third year,” Sparrow said, “I enjoy taking the photos with everyone in their costumes because the amount of work that goes into this show is phenomenal.” I asked if it was his first time being the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow? And he claimed, “It’s my first time doing a good Jack Sparrow, my first year I did a terrible Jack, last year I did a Tony Stark, and this year I’m doing a very good Jack I think,” Sparrow said, “It took three months to make this, I was in an accident, actually, three months ago and had to find a hobby, so I decided to go all out and make this for the comic con.” My other personal favorite was Black Widow, there were many Black Widows but one had the hair worn down, which not many people had for Black Widow. I asked Widow about the latest movie Civil War “I loved it, I watched it three times and I loved it more and more each time, like I was a little upset at the beginning but with more and more muse the different reasoning’s and stuff it made more sense,” Widow said, “I think Black Widow should get her own movie, I want Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to be in it obviously, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) because in the comics there is all this back history between the two so I think it would be a good crossover.” Other costumes that had my attention were a R2-D2 that a young boy built all himself in a short time of a year.


The celebrities that came to the con this year were Robbie Amell from The Duff, The Flash, True Jackson VP, and Cheaper by The Dozen. Elizabeth Henstrdidge from Agents of SHIELD also appeared. And legendary Captain Kirk, William Shatner appeared. On August 13th Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston appeared at a William Shatner VIP panel and Mayor Walsh declared it William Shatner day in Boston.

Overall the comic con was festive and full of amazing special guests who attended.


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