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CJN Department Announces Divide

You may or may not have heard the big news out of Suffolk’s Communication and Journalism Department (CJN) recently. Effective on July 1st, the department is now divided into two sections. One retains the moniker CJN while the other goes by Advertising, Public Relations and Digital Media (ADPR for short). Dr. Monika Raesch will takeover as Chair of the CJN Department from Dr. Bob Rosenthal, who will help the ADPR Department onto it’s feet.

So what does all of this mean for us Communication Majors? Will we be forced to change our registrations?   Will classes be dropped? What will our diplomas look like??

Having these questions swimming through my head, I asked Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Raesch to clarify the news for us stressed college students…

The Suffolk Voice: Why did this split come about? Has this been an idea for a while?

Dr. Bob Rosenthal: The split will enable both departments to be more nimble in making curriculum changes to take advantages of opportunities to develop new programs and improve current programs.  The process began during the Spring 2016 semester, and has continued through the summer.  It will not be completed until July 1, 2017, when a new catalogue will include both the newly remodeled CJN and the new department of Advertising, Public Relations & Digital Media.

SV: What does this mean for current CJN majors? What about incoming freshman?

Dr. B: There will be no adverse impact on current CJN majors.  When new students select their majors, they will move into either CJN or ADPR, depending upon the major that they select.

SV: Will there be new professors or just a repositioning of current staff?

Dr. B: The current staff has been split between the two departments based upon their areas of expertise.  Global and Cultural Communication, Media/Film, and Journalism faculty will remain in the remodeled CJN.  Advertising, Public Relations, Forensics faculty, along with a new faculty member in Digital Media, will be in ADPR.

Dr. Monika Raesch: The ‘new CJN Department’ is now housed on the 4th floor in 20 Somerset, and ADPR is at home on the 10th floor in 73 Tremont. (No faculty remain in the Ridgeway building.)

SV: What new opportunities/resources will be available for students?

Dr. B: Both departments will look into exciting new areas for course development during the next year or two.  One immediate program available will be in ADPR, which will offer a concentration in Content Management beginning this spring.

SV: Will students be losing anything? Will certain resources, programs or classes be cut during this shift?

Dr. B: No resources will be cut during this splitting of the departments.

Dr. M: To emphasize, there are no changes in the Majors, no changes in class offerings. Current students are not impacted by the splitting of the ‘old CJN Department’; their programs remain unaltered. For incoming students, the same Majors exist as well.

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