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Don’t Think Twice Movie Review

We all have that one friend who ends up being a billion times more successful than we are and we find ourselves being jealous of them. That is what the new comedy movie Don’t Think Twice is about. An “improv” troupe in New York City puts on a show in a small theater weekly and loves putting on shows; however everyone in the group is trying to make it on a SNL type show. The members of the troupe are Jack (Keegan-Michael Key), Miles (Mike Birbiglia), Samantha (Gillian Jacobs), Allison (Kate Micucci), Lindsay (Tami Sagher), and Bill (Chris Gethard). Unfortunately only two members of the group make it, leaving everyone else behind.

Overall the movie is quirky and motivational to watch. It is motivational because it shows us how difficult it is to get to the highest peak of an occupation. The peak job in this movie is similar to SNL but instead of being called SNL it is called Weekend Live. I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Birbiglia and Chris Gethard to talk about the film and how Weekend Live was based on SNL. “It’s a visual show written in the spirit of a Saturday Night Live type show to represent what the brass ring is for these improvisers; it’s not meant to parody or be mean spirited of it, I love SNL and I know a lot of people on the show and I have worked with them over the years,” Birbigla says. “I think they perform miracles all the time, they are putting on a show written and performed and executed live every week and it is unbelievable; I don’t know if I could do that.” Chris Gethard goes onto say, “I do feel like SNL is in the “improv” world and is really a very sought after place.” This movie shows that even though you might work every day to achieve your dreams you might not get them right away or someone else you know might get to that dream first. But that shouldn’t get you down. It should make you realize that you have to try harder to reach that goal.

Overall the movie is great for people who love SNL or any type of comedy. The movie comes to   theaters August 4th.

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