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Haley Reinhart Concert

Haley Reinhart is known for her jazzy voice and her 3rd place achievement on American Idol. Since American Idol Reinhart has released two albums, the first album was released in 2012 titled Listen Up! with songs featuring B.o.B. Reinhart’s most recent album called Better, was just released on April 29th 2016, some notable songs include Better as well as a unique cover of the classic Can’t Help Falling in Love. On June 23 2016 Reinhart performed in Boston MA at the Brighton Music Hall. Reinhart performed songs from her freshman album “Listen Up!” and her new album “Better.” Reinhart did not disappoint with her powerful voice and raspy growls. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her latest album and thoughts on American Idol ending.

Haley Reinhart performing at Brighton Music Hall in Allston MA

Haley Reinhart performing at Brighton Music Hall in Allston MA (photo credits to Will Heffernan)

Q: American Idol just had its final episode, who was you favorite contestant of season 15 and what your thoughts of the show overall?

A: I swear I picked out Trent and Laporsha from the very start! Best of luck to both of ‘em

Idol will go down in history as the originator. I believe that the show’s tremendous platform and the undeniable credibility that all of its alumni (artists) have proven will continue to live on and reveal its magnitude for generations to come.

Q: Better is your first song off of the album, will your album have the same feel to this song or does each song portray different emotions and vibes?

A: Most of the songs (like ‘Better’) on the album, sent out positive messages of motivation, strength, and confidence. There are a couple more funky thumpers on the record and others have more of a cinematic of rock edge to them

Q: Are you bringing any special guests along with you on tour?

A: The music director of my full band is also an incredible artist named Jacob Luttrell. He’ll be the opening act before I come on, so it’ll be cool keeping it in the family!

Q: What is different between this album and your first album?

A: I feel that ‘Better’ is an extension of ‘Listen Up!’ I have become more heavily involved in production this time around and have evolved as a lyricist. I want this record to have you instantly grooving and really feel something. Whatever emotion that might be!

Q: What is your favorite song off of this album and why?

A: They’re all my favorites for different reasons. That’s why they have made the cut! ‘Good or Bad’ and ‘I Belong To You’ really stand out to me. They both have a large, ethereal sound that will take you on a whimsical dream like ride. ‘I Belong To You’ was the first song I wrote to start my next phase… I’ve never felt so in love and energized writing a tune. Not to mention, it’s a favorite of my friends and family.

Q: Who inspired you to write this album? Or was it multiple people?

A: These songs were written over the course of the last four years or so… Needless to say, a few different people and situations inspired their existence.

Q: Finally, since American Idol just ended, do you see yourself collaborating with Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood in the future?

A: We aren’t exactly in the same genre as one another, but hey! Ya never know. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come and how well they’ve managed to reach out in the terms of their own brand and artistry!


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