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Now You See Me 2 Movie Review

Now You See Me 2 is a perfect movie for everyone who loves magic, comedy, and action, all
packed into a two-hour movie. The Horsemen are back, including a new face, J. Daniel Atlas
(Jesse Eisenberg), the smart and intelligent one who has witty comments and plays the lead role.
Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) plays the attractive popular bad boy for whom every girl falls head
over heels, including the new “Horsemen,” Lula (Lizzy Caplan). Caplan who plays an energetic
woman who is almost like Atlas, where she is smart and intelligent knowing what to say in sticky
situations. She is also like Wilder where she plays the bad guy and has every guy looking closely
at her. Then there is Merrit McKinney, (Woody Harrelson), who plays the hypnotist. The “leader
of the Horsemen” Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) plays the leader of the group and is also a mole
in the FBI. He helps the Horsemen escape before the FBI shows up. The three villains in the
movie are Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine), his son Walter (Daniel Radcliffe), and Thaddeus
Bradley (Morgan Freeman). We also meet a member of “The Eye,” which is an organization of
people who watch the Horsemen in order to assure their safety. The member of the Eye is Li (Jay
This movie is full of thrills and special effects to make it magical. Watching this movie makes
you feel like you are actually watching a magic trick in real life, taking place right in front of
you. The movie is full of comedic comments, causing a good amount of laughter, while it also
packs in a good amount of action. The best part of the film is that they finally added a woman
Horsemen, making it a little more even, because the first film didn’t have a lot of female
characters. The whole movie is a magic version of Get Smart, with funny lines and many action
scenes. Another smart thing in the movie was making Danielle Radcliffe the antagonist in the
film. Because Radcliffe draws a lot of followers, there will be more people watching. Either they
will make fun of the fact that Radcliffe is now playing the “Voldemort” of the film, instead of the
“Harry Potter” character, or they will applaud Radcliffe’s performance, as it shows he is a good
actor able to play the good or bad guy in the film.
Overall the film was quite magical in the sense of making you feel like you were actually there in
person watching the magic tricks take place. It was an action filled movie as well as a very funny
one. Now You See Me 2 is in theaters June 10 2016. Will you see or will you believe?

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