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Friday night of Boston Calling

On Friday May 27th the 7th annual Boston Calling kicked off with three amazing performances by Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner, Sufjan Stevens, and the one and only SIA. There were two stages at the festival, Xfinity stage and Jet Blue stage. SIA and Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner performed on the Jet Blue stage while Sufjan Stevens performed at the Xfinity stage.

Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner opened up the show on the Jet Blue stage performing for 45 minutes. With Lisa’s stunning green dress the performance was a perfect mixture of her light-hearted persona and jamming to some great alternative song writing music. Lisa Hannigan reminded me of Ellie Goulding with her soft vibrato voice and her sweet falsetto that has a pretty roughness to it. Overall her performance was really fun to watch and at some points I was smiling because of her cute mistakes she made in between songs.

The night continued over on the Xfinity stage in an interesting way with a very unique colorful performance with Sufjan Stevens coming out in a colorful costume with wings attached. Towards the end of his performance he put on an outfit that made him look like a disco ball with the actual disco ball on his chest. It was really awesome to see because the lights that reflected off of the disco ball displayed differently than if the disco ball had been hanging from the ceiling.


SIA performing at the Boston Calling on Friday May 27th in Boston MA (photo credits to Will Heffernan)

Lisa Hannigan and Sufjan Stevens put on amazing performances, but the main act that everyone was waiting to see was SIA. If you haven’t heard of SIA you might want to know that she has written music for ADELE, Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson. The music she writes is just an understatement of how talented she really is. SIA came out and opened with “Alive,” her latest hit from her recent album This Is Acting. The ADELE/SIA smash hit made the crowd feel alive. SIA also brought out her star dancer Maddie Ziegler, who made the crowd go even more insane. SIA continued with her song that she wrote for Rihanna “Diamonds.” You could easily tell that SIA wrote this song because SIA and Rihanna have a very similar voice. SIA performed this song with a powerful voice singing the verses mellow and then would crescendo in the chorus. The dancer in the performance didn’t dance, he did something very unique. He had what looked like Michael Jackson gloves that acted as a disco ball and gave it that “diamond” effect. SIA excited the crowd with her first dance performance of the night with her latest hit “Cheap Thrills.” With the strong beat and her animal sound effects that she makes with her voice, the song got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the performance. SIA continued on with her song that is on The Hunger Games Catching Fire soundtrack “Elastic Heart.” The performance was empowering and moving since it’s about an abusive relationship where the person who is being abused is stating that they can’t be broken down because of their “elastic heart.” One of the best performances SIA did was “Unstoppable.” This song is motivating and inspirational. SIA closed the show with her two famous songs “Titanium,” and “Chandelier.” Titanium was another motivating song that is about someone who is tough as bullets, who can’t be broken down. SIA’s voice was amazing with this performance because her voice is powerful but raspy, which fits the message of this song perfectly. When SIA performed “Chandelier” everyone went nuts and of course Maddie Ziegler came out to do her dance that made her famous. Everyone in the crowd was singing along with SIA.

The first night of Boston Calling was fantastic. The next two nights of performances will have a hard time competing with Friday night’s music. Either way the Boston Calling sung their first note beautifully.

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