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Acorn Street’s Newest Icon

Acorn Street, one of the most picturesque streets in Beacon Hill, has appeared on nearly everyone’s Instagram feed at least once. If you happened to stroll down this street in real life about a year ago, you may have spotted a gorgeous golden retriever named Callie.

Callie received the nickname “The mayor of Beacon Hill,” as she could often be found lying on the cobblestone street outside her home, letting tourists and residents greet her. Sadly, nine-year-old Callie passed away last year, but one month ago, her owners brought home a new heart-stealing golden named Piper Rose Casey.

The owners of this adorable puppy are Kristin and Joe Casey, who brought home the 8-week-old dog four months after Callie passed away.

“We had to get a new dog. We missed the energy around the house; we missed going home and have a dog welcome us. We just missed the love that a dog can bring to our family,” said Kristin Casey, adding that they wanted their young daughters to grow up with a dog as well.

Callie came from a friend’s litter in California, but Piper is from a breeder that is much closer to Boston. The Casey family was connected to a breeder in Maine when others heard they may be looking for a new dog. They wanted two things: a certain look and a mellow disposition.

Callie was an Instagram star, and the Caseys embraced it. At first they were excited and didn’t know what to do, they said, but began to accept it when they realized she was touching peoples’ lives. Callie would always run to the door and whine because she wanted to go outside. Piper Rose Casey has some big shoes to fill, but she’s already begun to charm the Boston community.

From now on, when you are walking in Beacon Hill make sure to stop by Acorn Street to see if Piper Rose Casey is outside. Warning; you may never want to leave.

Piper Rose Casey can be found outside her home on Acorn Street

Piper Rose Casey can be found outside her home on Acorn Street

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