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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War


There are only two words to describe Captain America: Civil War – action packed. In this film, we see a different side of the Avengers that we haven’t seen before; at each other’s throats, fighting close to the death.

There are two sides in this film: Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. Team Iron Man consists of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Spiderman (Tom Holland), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Vision (Paul Bettany), and War Machine (Don Cheadle). Team Captain America consists of Captain America (Chris Evans), Sam Wilson or Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Ant Man (Paul Rudd), Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Clint Barton also known as Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and Bucky or also known as The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

The main conflict in the film is that the Avengers have been a private organization of superheroes for four years, free to go around trying to protect the world from danger. However, there have been many innocent casualties along the way. The United Nations has put together a new law stating that the Avengers will act under government rule to exist as a special task force, when needed. Unfortunately, Iron Man and Captain America (the two main Avengers) don’t agree with each other. Iron Man wants to sign the new law because he does not want to risk the chance of losing loved ones because of a bad move that isn’t meant to be. Captain America does not want to be under government law because he thinks being free is best, so they can protect whenever someone is in need of their help. This is where the movie starts to heat up and this is where Team Captain versus Team Iron Man really comes into play.

Black Widow is quick and powerful with her unique spin on kung-fu, also using her famous leg take down move quite a bit. Black Panther is new and does not disappoint when it comes to fighting, having intense battles with some of the other avengers, which makes the film exciting and should bolster interest in the release of the new Black Panther movie. The battles between the Avengers are intense, putting you on the edge of your seat. The new Spiderman swings into the film with a sticky situation to start with, but with some bravery and iron in his muscles he goes out and helps Team Iron Man a lot. We have seen the movie Ant Man and we know that Ant Man is sneaky and quick when it comes to hand to hand combat which we see in this movie.

The movie also provides a lot of woman fighting scenes. We see Black Widow who demonstrates strong traits, showing that a woman does not need the super powers to be “super”. With some tough training any women can be self protected. We also see Wanda, who has grown, since the last Avengers movie, in her confidence with her powers, as well as in her emotional stability, after her brother Pietro (Quicksilver) had been killed. We also learn that Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) is the niece of Peggy Carter, who was the girlfriend of Captain America in the first installment. She shows similarities with Peggy because she is independent and goes with what she thinks is best and doesn’t let anyone get in her way.

From the arguments, to the instant classic fight scenes, this movie may surely be one of the best Marvel films… So which side will you choose? Team Captain or Team Iron Man?

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    “With some tough guy training any woman can be self protected”. I find many things wrong with this sentence.. You’re implying that only men are considered tough, and that for a women to be tough, they have to undergo “guy training”. You are implying women cannot protect themselves without learning the capabilities of a man. I’ve seen other offensive statements in your “reviews”. Whether they’re intentional or not, I suggest further filtering and editing your pieces before pubishing them..


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