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2016 Student Government Association Awards

On April 12th, the annual Student Government Association Awards were held in Sargent Hall. The awards honor outstanding students, organizations, and programs from the past school year. 25 awards were handed out.

Today was the first year the awards were held on campus. A lot of controversy surrounded this, as it was moved out of The Ritz for budget concerns. Students were mostly upset at how this limited the amount of people allowed to attend. Each nominee was only allowed to bring one guest. Many on-campus groups were not invited like they have been in past years. SGA only invited senior Asha Hirsi of The Ramifications to perform, rather than the entire group, who normally perform every year.

Overall, the ceremony was a success. The SGA did an excellent job of making the environment feel classy and not as if it was just being held in a campus function room. It was well organized and featured remarks from SGA officers, President McKenna, and Dean Stoll. Hirsi performed two songs, Daydreamer and Chandelier, that were breathtaking.

The hosts of the event tried to bring humor to the opening of the event, even though they didn’t necessarily succeed the entire time. But the joke of the night happened when they greeted President McKenna, saying “President McKenna, glad to see you’re still here.” During her greeting, President McKenna thanked the students for their support during the struggle with the Board of Trustees.

The biggest news of the night came surrounding Dean Stoll, who formally announced her retirement at the end of this semester. The Life Time Achievement Award was then renamed in her honor, and given to her as the first recipient of the newly named award. During Dean Stoll’s opening remarks, she stressed the important of the students speaking up for what they believe in. She remarked, “Don’t ever underestimate your ability to influence change.”

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