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Movie Review: The Boss

Melissa McCarthy is back in the new comic hit movie The Boss. The movie follows the story of the 47th richest woman in America, Michelle Darnelle (Melissa McCarthy). Darnell’s personality is selfish and arrogant but she means well. A major reason she acts like this is because she was raised in a foster home and never had a family. However that didn’t stop Darnelle from becoming one of the richest women in America. Unfortunately she is caught doing insider trading and lands five months in federal prison (playful jab at Martha Stewart?). Once Darnell is released she has no home to go back to and has very limited personal items. Luckily, her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) and her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) let Darnelle stay with them temporarily. From here Darnelle finds her way back to being rich in an unusual way that has to do with brownies and girl scouts and a conflict with someone who thinks he is a ninja.

The Boss is a movie that will ensure laughter, sometimes every five seconds. But the movie isn’t afraid to show how important family is and that money has importance but not nearly as important as having people who care about you. The movie also shows that trust is key. Darnelle and Claire go from boss and assistant to business partners and along the way there are issues that break them up. Along with trust there is also forgiveness. The movie shows us that there are moments in life where people will go behind your back, but they can be misinterpreted, which may result in an argument but in the end everything will work out.

The most important thing that The Boss provides us is women power. Instead of another Donald Trump or Bill Gates, we have Michelle Darnelle who is extremely rich, while we also have Claire who shows us that any women who works hard can go from being an assistant to being the business partner of the 47th wealthiest woman in America.

Melissa McCarthy never disappoints when it comes timing, smart comebacks and sayings that you wish you came up with yourself. McCarthy also wrote the film with her husband Ben Falcone, the couple have been writing films together for a few years now and the dynamic duo seem to keep putting out comedic hit wonders. The movie is short and sweet and it also may make you paranoid about sleeping on pull out couches.

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