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A Makeup Lover’s Dream

Liquid Lipsticks have become a popular trend this season and like many other lip products, there is a huge variety to choose from: tons of colors, formulas and companies etc. As much as makeup lovers want to have it all – it is impossible. So which liquid lipstick should you get?

Well today, I will be talking about one of the Holy Grails of liquid lipsticks I recently discovered – Beauty Bakeries’ Lip Whips.

Beauty Bakerie is an indie makeup company that has gained much attention on Instagram for having liquid lipsticks that are smudge proof. In fact, you’ve probably seen the “Take her swimming who?” meme circulating around at some point or another. Now, we’ve all heard of long wearing waterproof lipsticks – but those usually chip off and require reapplication. The Lip Whips are 100% smudge proof. It doesn’t come off?  No reapplying? No more worrying about lipstick getting on your coffee cup?

Sounds too good to be true. So I had to try it for myself.

The Lip Whips come in 14 different colors;

Versailles, Cranberry stiletto, Mon Cheri, Raspberry tiramisu, Louvre Palace, S’mores D’oeuvres, Tres Jolie, She’s just jelly, Midnight truffles, Bae cake, Parisian streets, Swiss Mocha, Yogurt Berries, and Apple Pear smoothie

(Rumors are that more colors are coming out soon)

The one that I have tested out is the Lip Whip in the Color “She’s just jelly” – a deep purple color.

20160301_150912 (1)

Price wise, these are on the expensive side with 20 bucks a pop plus five dollars for shipping within the U.S. However, the quality of this product is worth its price. The color is rich and deeply pigmented. As far as the formula goes, it is more liquid-y compared to other liquid lipsticks, which tend to have a mousey texture. The formula isn’t streaky so you get great coverage.

These do dry to a Matte finish but the positive thing about this formula is that it doesn’t dry your lips. It also doesn’t tug on your lips so it’s very comfortable to wear.

Now the big question – is this really Smudge proof? Yes. It absolutely is. Once it is completely dry (Drying time is about 2-3 minutes) the lipstick does not budge. You can drink your coffee without getting lipstick all over the cup, you can kiss your significant other without getting lipstick on them, and you can eat food without eating your lipstick too! It’s every makeup lovers dream.

In order to remove the lipstick you can use any oil based makeup remover and it comes off cleanly.

The company is vegan and cruelty free. They have worldwide shipping, which is more expensive. Domestic shipping is standard price and the processing time is from 3-5 business days for all orders (it can take longer during the holidays or due to high demand). When I ordered, my product was back-ordered for 2 weeks. Once it shipped out I received it within 4 days. As soon as the product ships out, you receive tracking information to keep track of your order. The lipsticks have a shelf life of a year, so they are good for a while. Feel free to check out their website for all other lipstick colors and all their other products!

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