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Bruins come up big at home, sweep season series against Pittsburgh

The Bruins have finally been able to finish a comeback at home. As of lately, the Bruins had been struggling when playing at home. The most notable was Monday’s game against the Blue Jackets where the Bruins fell 6-4, with Gustavsson in net.

However, the Bruins managed to make it all up. Wednesday night the Bruins played the Penguins at home, and both teams had a lot on the line. Both teams are considered wild cards for the Stanley Cups playoffs. Bruins were able to bring it all in and make a successful game night.

It all started when Pastrnak was tripped when he was going for a goal, and he was given a penalty shot. He was successful in getting a shot then to make it a one goal lead in the first. Pastrnak then became the youngest Bruin to make a penalty shot. He is only 19 years old.

“All I tried to do was put the puck in the net, then I had a lot of speed and I had to stop because I don’t think I will be able to make the shot with all of that speed,” Pastrnak said of the penalty shot.

The Bruins continued to be hot all night, eventually scoring three goals in three shots. Rask was having a fantastic game that night holding the Penguins to only one goal on 42 shots. The final score of the game was 5-1.

This was a big game for two skaters on the Bruins more so than anyone else. Tuukka Rask and David Pastrnak.

There has been plenty of talk about Rask this season. When the Bruins started off with the shaky beginning, many people began to blame Rask. He was, at one point this season, the worst goalie in the NHL having five-plus games where he let up six or more goals. There was plenty of talk about if he should be benched or even cut. Rask was able to finally make up for all this when a lot was on the line and prove he still can be a great goalie.

Next up is David Pastrnak. Pastrnak started the season off strong in the first game, then went silent, scoring every so often but not making waves. This game was very different. Pastrnak almost had a hat trick. It seems that Pastrnak is finally realizing his role with the Bruins and what he needs to do.

“He’s been good for a while,” coach Claude Julien said. “I don’t think it’s tonight. I’ve liked his game now probably for the last three, four. Again, he’s come off a major injury and he’s had to catch up with the rest of the guys, and it takes time. At the beginning he really looked like he was having a tough time, but right now he’s certainly shown that he’s getting better and feeling more and more confident. To me, tonight, he was the guy for all three periods that I thought skated really well for us.”

The Bruins seem like they are coming together and able to perform well. With a chance of going to the playoffs on the line, they will have to play every game to the best of their ability.

The Bruins next play Friday in North Carolina against the Hurricanes.

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