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First look inside the Sawyer Renovations

After months of uncertainty regarding the status of Suffolk University Theatre Department’s new space at the top two floors of the pre-existing Sawyer Building, a glimpse inside has finally been granted.

Upon walking in, the feeling is quite different from the previous space in Archer, but the potential for creating inspired theatre is exactly the same. The new space boasts a more professionally constructed, larger performance area supplemented with large amounts of storage area, along with all new offices and lounging spaces for the faculty and students.


The new Studio Theatre space

In the above image you’ll see the perspective performance space. Tech booths/Mezzanine can be seen up in the left corner and the backstage will start in front of the pillar over to the right. Windows will be blacked out for performances, and seating will occupy the space in front of the wall under the tech booths.


The Cafe/ one of the Student & Faculty lounges

Theatre students and faculty alike will rejoice at the addition of a sink within the cafe space – something the pre-existing department space lacked.


In the above photos you will see the slop sink/laundry room on the left and one of the bathrooms on the right. Both are completely new spaces constructed for the Department.

Members of the Suffolk construction crew said the space would be in it’s final stages come March and Theatre Department faculty are planning on moving in come May. The space is expected to be fully functional and open for (show) business in the fall.

So now students and faculty can breath a collective sigh of relief, knowing not only that they are actually getting a new space, but a space actually made to be a studio theatre, instead of one that was converted from an old Law School library. However, tears and memories will be shared come May when everyone bids adieu to the Donahue/Archer theatre department.


Hallway leading to faculty offices


View from one of the Tech Booths/Mezzanine


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