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Trump, Sanders take New Hampshire Primaries

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s primary election last Tuesday.

Trump earned 10 delegates, placing him far ahead of the other republican candidates. Second place, however, was a surprise: Ohio Governor John Kasich. Kasich claimed second place, about 5% ahead of the conservative Senator Ted Cruz, who placed third.

Kasich’s poll numbers have been low, and he only earned 1.9% of the votes in the Iowa caucus just a week earlier. Will the results of this swing state primary show a brighter future for the Ohio governor? Time, and South Carolina, will tell. Kasich and his supporters have remained positive throughout his campaign, avoiding the harsh back and forth between his leading competitors.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush rose from the bottom, earning himself fourth place with 11.2%. Perhaps all of those television advertisements have been doing the trick.

Senator Marco Rubio dropped from third place in Iowa to fifth place in New Hampshire. At only 10.5%, his polling percentage from the Iowa caucus, held only a week earlier, fell by half. Supporters remain positive for his campaign trail to South Carolina, followed by Nevada.

“[Marco Rubio’s] race is exciting because he does try really hard to appeal to the common voter with his football and sports analogies in his email to supporters,” said Elainy Mata, President of Suffolk University’s Polling club. “I think he has a really good chance later on in this race.”

Joseph Tringale, board member of Suffolk University’s College Republicans club, felt similarly.

“I can’t stand Trump, I think he’s a pompous,” he said. “I can’t stand Cruz. I like Rubio. I feel like Rubio would be winnable against both Hillary and Bernie.”

The revolutionary anti-establishment movement Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have created is resilient in both the republican and democrat parties. Their criticism of the state of the government and nation has been well received by the public, as seen in the New Hampshire polls, where Sanders soared ahead of Clinton by 22%, and Trump ahead of the others by about 19%.

Sanders may have been “unlucky” in the Iowa election, losing all six precincts to Hillary Clinton in a coin toss. New Hampshire proved to be different however, as he claimed a victory for the democratic party. With an investigation already breathing down Clinton’s neck due to the recent email scandal, Sanders is now establishing himself as a key threat to his opponent’s campaign.

Since New Hampshire is a key swing state in the presidential election, the republican race filtered out a few candidates with low results. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suspended his campaign after finishing in a discouraging sixth place, at only 7.6%, not even having enough points to qualify for the ninth Republican debate. Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina suspended her campaign for low polling numbers as well.

The presidential candidates will soon head down to the more conservative states to campaign for support and prepare for the South Carolina primary, where republicans are voting on Saturday, February 20th, and Democrats are voting on Saturday, February 27th.

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